Why Sargento Cheese makes my kids lunch more special

My husband is off at work today. My kids also have their Easter break. The family is complete for few days. It means that we can have our lunch at home too.

 photo lunchC_zps4088dd26.jpg

My son wants to have a turkey, bacon sandwich which lettuce and toasted bread. The little girl only wants a simple bologna with strawberries. I want to have a turkey sandwich with mayonnaise. I am still full from my breakfast.

 photo lunch_zpsfa999863.jpg

It is perfect that I just bought a Sargento Ultra thin cheese. It makes our lunch more special. The little girl is allergic to cheese. She cannot have it. The husband arrived few minutes after we finish our lunch.

 photo lunchB_zps3dcfe321.jpg

He had the turkey, bacon. tomato and lettuce. I also add the Sargento Ultra Thin cheese with his sandwich. He was mad because I put cheese on his sandwich. When he tried it, he said the sandwich is very good. He was happy after his first bite.

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Thank you Influenster and Sargento Cheese

I received a box from Influenster yesterday. It came with a cute little bag with coupons from Sargento Ultra Thin Cheese. I never try the Sargento Cheese before. I am glad that our local store sells the Sargento Ultra Thin cheese. They are so many kind to choose from. I picked the Sargento Ultra Thin Cheddar cheese with the rest of my grocery.

Thank you Influenster and Sargento Cheese

It was almost dinner time but I want to try the taste of Sargento Ultra Thin cheese. I add the cheese with my whole grain crackers. It tastes so delicious. It is indeed very thin but the taste is so delicious.

Sargento Cheese in our local grocery store

There are 18 thin slices of Sargento cheese in each pack. It comes with a resealable plastic so it is easy to keep your cheese fresh. It has only 45 calories if you are health enthusiast.

I picked the Sharp Cheddar Sargento Cheese
Sargento Cheese adds flavor to my whole grain  crackers

I can eat this Sargento Ultra Thin cheese by itself. I cannot wait to try it with my kids lunch today. I will make one for myself as well. Overall, I recommend this Sargento Ultra Thin cheese to everyone.  You can also find Sargento Ultra Thin cheese on Facebook.

I received the coupons from Influenster. I did not receive any compensation. All the thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different from other.

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Thank you Ozeri for this 8″ Green Earth Textured Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I have to make sure that I eat breakfast so as my kids. There are times that I eat between breakfast and lunch when I am very busy. I have to make sure that I eat breakfast.

Thank you Ozeri for this frying pan

My kids usually wants rice, eggs, and noodles for breakfast. They are not into cereal. I am happy that they eat breakfast. Sometimes I make waffles with banana, eggs and sausages. You will hear complains why there is no rice and noodles. Yes! my kids love Filipino dish for breakfast. There is not problem with that at all. They still get nutrients, right?

Thank you Ozeri for this frying pan

The kids already had their breakfast. I did not eat with them. I waited until they are done eating their breakfast. I waited for the husband to wake up too. We eat together for breakfast.

Thank you Ozeri for this frying pan

I am very excited to try this 8″ frying pan that I received from Ozeri. I fried two pieces of bacon. I cut in two pieces. The pan is not big enough for the size of the bacon. I just divide it instead. The bacon smells so good. It makes me hungrier more. I love to eat eggs especially the brown eggs that our chickens give us. I love to make omelet. I add slice tomatoes and onions with my egg and a dash of salt and pepper.

Thank you Ozeri for this frying pan

Why do I like my new frying pan from Ozeri? Well, first it is made of ceramic. It has the thick deepness from inside which prevents from the oil splashing to the stove. You do not need more oil to fry. I also love my new pan because it looks durable than my old frying pan that I used. I also love that it is a bit heavier than my old pan. I love the middle feature of the pan as well. it does not stick which is easy for the bacon and the omelet to flip.

frying bacon saves big mess from Ozeri frying pan
frying bacon saves beg mess from Ozeri frying pan

I had a happy and contented breakfast that day. I had rice with my bacon and omelet. I had the mango juice for my drink. I used the glass that is from Ozeri too. You can read my review about the glass here.

making omelet is easy with Ozeri frying pan
making omelet is easy with Ozeri frying pan
my perfect breakfast, thank you Ozeri for the frying pan

I recommend this frying pan to everybody. You can buy it here in Amazon. Aside from frying pan, they have everything products you need for your family from health to cooking. You can also check their Facebook page for updates and promotions as well.

I received the frying pan for free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different with other.

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My own version of Pork Adobo

I thaw out a big chunk of pork belly. I was planning to cook it in a crock pot. The husband asks for my help and it ended a long time. I remember I need to cook the pork belly in the crock pot. I do not have enough time to cook it.

My own version of Pork Adobo

I check out my favorite Filipino cooking website called PANLASANG PINOY. I check out the pork recipe. I found this pork adobo recipe.You can also check out the YouTube videos. My family loves to eat adobo. It does not matter if it is a pork or chicken. This is one Filipino dish that is a big hit with my family.

These are the ingredients that you will need.
2 lbs pork belly
2 tbsp garlic, minced or crushed
5 pieces dried bay leaves
4 tbsp vinegar
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 tbsp whole pepper corn
1 cup water
salt to taste

Combine the pork belly, soy sauce, and garlic then marinade for at least 1 hour
Heat the pot and put-in the marinated pork belly then cook for a few minutes
Add water, whole pepper corn, and dried bay leaves then bring to a boil. Simmer for 40 minutes to 1 hour
Put-in the vinegar and simmer for 12 to 15 minutes
Add salt to taste
Serve hot. Share and enjoy!

I do not have time to follow all the instructions. I always use meat tenderizer with any meat. It makes the meat easy to cook. I pour the soy sauce and mix it. I pour the oil to the pan. I add garlic until it is sauté. I also add onion and sauté it. I always use garlic and onion if I fry any meat. I add the meat and fry it until there is no pink in the meat. I add the remaining ingredients.

I cook white rice. I also steam vegetables and add salad. My Filipino American family enjoys the pork adobo.

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How slicing a cake is very easy with Mrs. Field Slice n Easy Cake Cutter

I admit I do not have a sweet tooth. There are times that I crave for cake. I love to bake banana cake and muffins. I love to eat it with my morning coffee. I love to eat as snacks. My kids love to eat the muffins.

Thank you Love Cooking Company for Mrs. Fields Cut N Easy cake cutter

I am planning to bake a banana cake but I change my mind. I used the bananas instead with the smoothie. Our local store is having a sale on strawberries and cakes. The strawberries and cakes are buy one get one free. I mixed my bananas with the strawberries. I made a banana strawberry smoothies. I also add some scoops of lactose free ice cream. My little K loves to the banana strawberry smoothies too.

Mrs. Fields Slice N Easy cake cutter is easy to use

I bought an angel cake. It is also buy one get one free. The prize is $4.99. I like to eat my cake in small pieces. I am thankful that Love Cooking Company sent me Mrs. Fields Slice N Easy cake cutter to try.

angel cake a perfect cake to try my new Mrs. Fields Slice N Easy cake cutter

The cake cutter is perfect for round cake. I can now enjoy my cake in a piece that I want. The cake cutter is very easy to use. You have to make sure that you wash it first with soapy warm water before using it for the first time.

Mrs. Fields Slice N Easy cake cutter

All you do is place the cake cutter to the cake. You push it down to the bottom. You can squeeze the handle and lift it up to remove the slice. You can transfer the cake to a small plate by releasing the handle. Finally, I can enjoy my cake with just the right amount of cake I want.

Mrs. Fields Slice N Easy cake cutter
perfect slice from Mrs. Fields Slice N Easy cake cutter
perfect slice from Mrs. Fields Slice N Easy cake cutter

By the way, you can also learn new products of Love Cooking Company in Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can find baking products in their Website as well.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I want to say thank you too for Love Cooking Company. They are giving one of my lucky reader of the same product I have. All you do is join the giveaway. The mechanics are very easy. I want to say good luck to one of my lucky readers.

I received the cake cutter for free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. It might be different with others.

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Vermicelli noodles with beef and vegetables

I have lived here in America for 12 years. Yet my taste bud still for Asian food. One American food that I love is steak with mushroom and asparagus. I want my steak in medium rare. I also want it with my white rice.

Vermicilli noodles with beef and vegetables

The other night I am craving for a Filipino food. I want to eat noodles. I have a vermicelli noodles which you can buy in any Asian store or International section of your wet market. You need to soak it with warm water and cut it in small pieces. I slice the beef. I marinate my beef with meat tenderizer and soy sauce before cooking it. You can also any meat or left over meat. You need a grated carrots or regular carrots and cut in Julienne style. You also need cabbage but any vegetable will do. I use a romaine lettuce. You also need garlic like two cloves and one onions small or large. You need oil. You need broth (you mix one cubes and mix it with a cup of water) You also need soy sauce but these are optional ingredients.

Vermicilli noodles with beef and vegetables

You need a pan, heat it and add an oil. When the oil is hot, add the garlic and fried it. You can add the onion and fry it with garlic until it is translucent. You can add the meat, fry it until the pink color is gone. Add the broth and cover the pan. You can simmer it for five minutes. You can add the grated carrots or any vegetables that take a while to cook. Mix it with your meat and simmer it for another five minutes or so until the vegetables are tender. You can add the vermicelli You can mix it and add the cabbage. Simmer it for few minutes. You can serve it with rice. My husband eats it with salad as well.

My kids love this vermicelli noodles with beef and vegetables. Unfortunately, it is not a favorite dish for my hubby. I think it turned out delicious. I can eat the left over the next day.

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Why Ozeri Serafino glass is an amazing glass to use for cold and hot drinks or beverages

Do you wish that your glass can be use for cold or hot drinks or beverages? I admit I wish that for myself. It will save you time and dishes to wash, right? I use a glass when I want a drink like water, juice or smoothie.I use a cup when I want cocoa or coffee. I used two glasses just to help myself quench my thirst.

Thank you Ozeri for this Serafino glass perfect for cold or hot drinks or beverages

Fortunately, my wish comes true from Ozeri. I never see such an amazing glasses that I can now use for both cold or hot drinks. It was around nine in the morning after the kids picked up by the bus for school. Finally I can make myself a breakfast.

Ozeri wrapped this Serafino glases securely

I had a left over rice from last night. I do not need to cook rice. I just scrambled two eggs with tomatoes and onions. I also warmed up a piece of dried fish that I cook the other day. I open a new cartoon of mango juice and scoop some ice in the freezer.

My family will enjoy each of this Serafino glasses from Ozeri

I use one of the new Serafino glass that you can buy here in Amazon. I still have three more glasses for my family. Everybody is lucky to try this amazing glass. What I love about this glass is? You can hold it safely. It has a contour shape. The inside of the glass has double wall and insulated. It is different from regular glass. This glass is very easy to clean too. It is even safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer. Those features alone will amaze you.

beautiful design of Serafino glass from Ozeri

I also try the glass with my hot cocoa with marshmallow. it did not crack at all. It is still very cold here in New York. I know it is now spring yet still feels like winter. Drinking hot cocoa helps me warm up.

my Filipino breakfast this morning

I really like my new glass. I recommend this glass to everybody.  They shipped it very fast. They wrapped the glasses securely. It reaches my hands safely. I am sure that if you buy yourself glasses like this, you will receive your order in no time and safely. You can also find them in Facebook as well.

my mango juice looks refreshing in a Serafino glass from Ozeri
Serafino glass from Ozeri is even safe from my hot cocoa with marshmallow

I received the glasses for free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. It might be different from other.

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How to have a romantic dinner in your patio

Spring will be here soon I hope. It is six days until spring is officially here. It means that warmer days are coming. It means that my family can spend outside. It means also that my husband and I will spend more time in our pool after the kids went to bed.

We like to talk and spend our alone time together. We need this chauvet bob to light up the patio. It looks cool and romantic. I cannot wait to have one for ourselves this summer. I will ask my husband to order one for our patio.

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What do you do with rotten bananas

I love to eat banana. It helps me when I am really hungry while waiting for my food to cook. I usually have a banana during breakfast. The kids also like to eat the banana.

banana cake
There are five rotten bananas in the kitchen counter. The skin is almost brown. I am sure that the inside the banana is still good. What do I do with rotten banana? For sure I will not throw them. What I did was?

banana muffins
I made banana cake and banana muffins. This is the best banana cake and banana muffins I ever made. They are so moist and delicious too. I like to have the banana muffins in the morning with my coffee. I can have the banana cake anytime during the day. My rotten bananas turned into a delicious banana cake and banana muffins.

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Fish, fries and corn is for dinner

My little K does not like to eat fish. It makes me sad that she does not eat fish. I never give up to let her eat fish. I have to trick her sometime and I did.

fish, fries, corn is for dinner
We had fish that night. I told her it is filets. She does not know what filets are yet. She ate the fish that night. She ate it all up and her plate is clean. I also had fries and steam corn. The three of us ate dinner that night.

fish, fries, corn is for dinner

I just prepare a plate for the husband on a plate. He can warm it up when he wakes up. I am one happy Mommy that finally my little K ate fish. I hope that it is not the last. We have fish in our pond.I do not think she will any fish in our pond.

fish, fries, corn is for dinner

Do your kids eat fish? What kind of fish they eat?

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