Realizing The Attic Space

The attic is a place in the home that is often used for storage and forgotten about. Transform the attic space to an area that is fun to be in, such as a playroom for the kids or an extra bedroom. It can also be used as another living room for when you want to have your own quiet space away from the rest of the family. Search for free contractor leads to get ideas on how to paint the attic and the best kind of flooring to use since it’s above the rest of the home.

Sports fans in the home will enjoy a game day retreat when you add a large television to the attic, comfortable seating and a design that looks like a basketball court or a football field. It can be a room where those who enjoy watching the game of the week or a championship game can gather to cheer on a favorite team without disrupting the rest of the family.

If you enjoy the beach or being near the water, then consider turning the attic into a nautical room. With blue and white paint, a few pictures of sailboats on the walls and other nautical items in the room, it can be an oasis to escape to after a long day. This would be a relaxing place to go in the summer when you want to escape the hot weather outside as the environment can make you think about being in a cooler place.

The attic can be a spare bedroom that is designed with a bed, chair or loveseat and even a small bathroom if you have the space. It can be used for guests who want to visit, family members who want to stay for a few days or even a bedroom for the kids if they want to have their own space instead of sharing with a sibling. The ideas for the attic are endless as long as you use your imagination and make sure that you have the proper materials to complete any renovations in the room. A contractor can assist you in the larger tasks that need to be completed.

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Fun Flavors With Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a delicious treat that is healthier than ice cream and that can be combined with numerous ingredients to give the delicious flavors that you enjoy. To make the healthiest frozen yogurt, you can add fresh fruits and nuts instead of the candy toppings that you might see when you go to an ice cream bar or that you might use at home.

Blueberry is an easy recipe to make when it comes to frozen yogurt. All you have to do is add a bit of blueberry syrup to the yogurt, topping it with fresh blueberries. Dark chocolate shavings are a good ingredient to add if you want something sweet. Strawberries and raspberries are also good to add as they have a natural sweet taste. An idea if you’re looking for a different kind of flavor is to use blood oranges. The color that you get from them is beautiful, almost like a sunset. You can pour the yogurt into a popsicle mold to make popsicles instead of eating out of a bowl. Add a bit of cream to the yogurt for a silky texture.

An alternative to a cup of coffee is to make frozen yogurt that taste like coffee. Add a few chocolate chips for a mocha flavor. This is an idea if you want to cut back on the sugar that is used in the yogurt while still getting the fun flavors. Mango is a delicious tropical idea along with a few shavings of coconut. A hint of lemon juice also goes well with this flavor. You don’t need to add a lot of lemon as this will overpower the mango.

If you don’t want to eat a lot of yogurt at one time, then make smaller portions that you can freeze. Yogurt drops are ideal for when you want the taste but not the quantity. They are easy to make and will last in the freezer for a few weeks as long as they are kept in an airtight container. Make a few different flavors to enjoy during the week when you want a sweet treat.

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How to entertain your guest this holiday with Groupon

DISCLOSURE:  This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I cannot believe that Christmas is almost here. There are 10 days left before Christmas. I am very excited for my kids to open their gifts from Santa. I will also turned 43 this Christmas. I am getting old and that is fine. I am still grateful to God for giving me another year of life.

I am done shopping gifts for Christmas. They cost an arm and a leg. As my husband says. Christmas only comes once a year. They need to be spoiled rotten. How about you? Are you done shopping for your kids or family for Christmas yet? Shopping is easy if you use Groupon Coupons. It saves you tons of money especially when buying gifts for the entire family. It also help your guest entertain during the holiday.

 photo wine_zpsnex3y36l.jpg
I just need a delicious drink that I will get from I also need few items for my husband that I found at The Vitamin Shoppe.

 photo vitamins_zps6nvznpfm.jpg
I know that he keeps on telling me that he does not need anything. I cannot wait for Christmas. We decline the invitation from my one of my sister in-law but instead we will celebrate Christmas with just my family.

How about you? What special holiday meals that you will prepare for Christmas? If you are looking for some ideas on how to save money, make sure you check their Facebook page, give them a like so you won’t missed any deals on food. You can also follow their Twitter for more updates on deals and anything. I wish you and your family the best time during the holidays.


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How to perfect your performance with this music accessories

Just like cooking, we need trial and error to perfect a recipe. I am not great in cooking but with experienced sometimes my food tastes better. I am so glad that my family survived my cooking, so far they are not starving.

Just like if you are performer, you need the mixing and mastering before sticking to the perfect note and music you wanted. It will take many hours of practicing but I know that your effort is worth in the end. Creating the perfect music with this accessory is a heaven-sent for any musician professional or amateur.

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How to keep your food storage safe and fresh

I am working in a nursing home. Sometimes I passed the storage when a kitchen employer opens the storage. The storage is filled-up with foods that to use to cook for the residents and employees that eat their lunches at work. Lightning is very important to see the right food to bring and cook. I am wondering if the maintenance buys their lights from work in They have every lightning you need from warehouse to storage.

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How to serve the holidays enjoyable with Groupon

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

One of my sister-in-law invited our family for Thanksgiving dinner in their house. My in-laws from my husband side will be there celebrating Thanksgiving on their home. We went there last year. Unfortunately, this year we decline their invitation. My husband is working. I feel uncomfortable without him by my side. I sent her a message that we are not coming but am still thankful for her invitation. I wish them fun during the Thanksgiving gathering.

 photo kitchen_zpsq1eaodnq.jpg

Since we are not attending any parties, I have to cook our Thanksgiving meals. I have to do it a day early as the husband is working overtime that day. I know that I am not a good cook but I can cook food. I know my family survived my cooking. I know that my husband will help me prepare to cook as long as he does not mind my mess. As a clean freak, he wants our kitchen mess free all time. Sorry sweetheart your wish is not my command.

 photo kitchen knives_zpsbenksqhq.jpg

Cooking Thanksgiving or any holiday is am sure a lot easier if you have sharp knives like this  from the Groupon Goods. I know I needed a new set for the kitchen. Cooking with dull knives is so frustrating especially if you have the hungry mouth to feed. Aside from the kitchen knives, I also need more stuff for the kitchen. This site is a God sent and the savings is beyond unbelievable amazing. If you are in Facebook or Twitter, you can check those sites as well. They also post new products that will help you saves money especially during the holidays.


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Three items every chef needs to wear

If you have ever seen a chef working to produce great food you have probably noticed that all chefs tend to wear a similar type of clothing. They generally wear a chef’s jacket, trousers and hat. Although these items of clothing may differ in design, and colouring, depending on the chef who is wearing them, there are similarities, and traditions which are often followed.

We are going to talk about the three main items of a chef’s wardrobe, the jacket, the hat and the trousers. We will take a look at the traditions surrounding a chef’s uniform and why they wear certain items.

 photo food_zps7qxdxhmq.jpg

A chef’s hat

You have probably seen chefs wearing tall white hats as they are working; these hats are called toques. Originally, chefs wore grey hats that were designed along the same principal as the hats worn by priests from the Orthodox Church. The white toque was introduced by Chef Marie-Antoine Carême in the 19th Century. He came up with the design of a white hat, the height of which reflects the seniority of the chef who is wearing it. If you ever see a chef wearing a toque, the taller the hat the more senior the chef is.

A chef’s jacket or apron

If you visit the kitchen of a restaurant or café you will often see chefs wearing a white apron or a white jacket. The white colour is chosen for reasons of practicality. It’s a lot easier to see when a jacket needs cleaning if it’s white. It’s also easy to bleach a white jacket back to looking pristine. It’s worth noting that the jackets worn by chefs are reversible. This means that any stains can be hidden on the inside until the jacket is washed.

Chefs’ jackets are also made of double thickness material. This offers the chef protection against any hot liquids they may be using.

A chef’s trousers

In the past chefs’ trousers were often decorated with black and white checks; this was the traditional form of design. If you watch a chef at work today you are just as likely to see them dressed in self-coloured trousers. There is less emphasis on what colour the trousers should be.

One thing that has not changed, when it comes to the design of chefs’ trousers; they are still designed to have plenty of room in them. This means that air can still circulate even in a hot kitchen.

The clothing a chef wears has its origins in tradition. Of all the items, the chef’s jacket is the one which has a design most influenced by practicality. The uniform has become more relaxed over the years, especially in the range of different trousers that are worn. Although not all chefs wear a toque these hats are still very much in existence, and they still help to denote how senior a chef is.

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How much does it cost to filter water in your home?

You may have heard that the water which comes out of the taps in your home is not especially healthy to drink. You may know that filtering the water is a good idea, for this reason. You may also be wary about how much filtering the water in your home is likely to cost. The good news is that having an item such as an item such as a water cooler filter  in your home does not have to be hugely expensive.

 photo water filter_zpsd9ugdo9e.jpg

We are going to take a look at why it’s a good idea to filter the tap water in your home. We are also going to give you an idea of some of the average costs involved in home water filtering.

Why you should filter the water in your home?

Have you ever poured yourself a glass of water from the taps in your home and realised that you really did not want to drink it? It could be that the water looked cloudy, that it did not smell as you would expect it to or that it tasted odd. All of these problems can be caused by substances such as dirt and chemicals which can be absorbed into the water as it travels in pipes to your home.

You want to be able to drink water which smells, looks and tastes fresh and clear. This is why it’s a good idea to purchase a water filtration system for your home.

How much does it cost to filter water in your home?

Water filtration costs in the home can vary greatly, depending on which filtration system you opt for. You can generally purchase a counter top or under sink unit for around AU$400-500, although there are cheaper and far more expensive models on the market. If you want to invest in a filtration system for the whole house the amount you will end up paying depends on the size of the property and what type of system you opt for. An average cost for a whole house water filtration system is around AU$1,300 to $3,900.

The prices we have quoted are only a guideline, to give you some idea of what you may be likely to spend. If you want a better idea of what your outlay may be, before you buy, you should contact some reputable providers and ask them to provide a quote for you.

Obviously, you have to be sensible about the amount you are able to spend on water filtering in your home. The great thing is that you do not need to have a whole house filtration system fitted if you do not want to. It’s probably sufficient to have a filtration system present in the kitchen of your home. This should mean that you can obtain the healthy drinking water supply that you want, for all the members of your household to enjoy.

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Are you looking to buy a clarinet for your kids

My husband’s niece plays the clarinet when she was young. Though I have never watch her play. I wish that my Summer Babe plays clarinet because if she does definitely this bundy clarinet is perfect for her. It is small and easy to carry than her baritone who is almost as heavy as she is. I bet she tried the clarinet but her music teacher thinks that baritone is the perfect music instrument for her to learn at the band.

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Are you looking for an affordable keyboards

Recently, my daughter always eat in the family room when America’s Got Talent is on. The good thing is it over now. She finally can eat in the kitchen counter with us.  Last summer, we went camping and we saw this piano in the church. I am wondering if it is the same as the Kurzweil Keyboards. My Summer Babe really likes the piano.

Does your daughter has the interest to play the piano? Check out this Website for affordable used keyboards that you can buy.

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