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How to make and keep your salad fresh with Ozeri Swiss Designed FRESHSPIN Salad Spinner and Serving Bowl

My husband eats salad every night. This is the very important food on his dinner plate. He will get mad if I will not make him salad. There are nights that he will not want me to make salad especially … Continue reading

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Thank you Ecommflash for these eco-friendly and beautiful kitchen utensils

Do you have a favorite pan? Are you afraid of scratching it with regular kitchen utensils? There are times that when my hubby is cooking, he uses the spoon or fork to stir. I get mad because he will scratch … Continue reading

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How Snackeez makes drink and snacks in one container safe

Western New York is fortunate to have a warm weather now. Soon the school will be over for my kids as well. We spend most of our family time at the pool. The kids are having fun time swimming. They … Continue reading

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Headphones that will keep your kids relax while waiting for your foods to serve

We seldom go out for dinner. We do order pizza and chicken wings and pick it up especially during the weekends. My kids are easily got bored. They always bring their gadgets with them. It will keep them relax while … Continue reading

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Where to have your printing needs in New York

Do you own a restaurant? Do you need to print your menu materials? Do you live in New York City? The custom printing in new york is your best choice for all your printing needs. They offer many services as well … Continue reading

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Why sitting in a comfy cushion while dining is very important

When we moved to this new house, the stool bars have a thick cushion and left for us from the previous owner as a welcome gift to us. We do love the stool bars that my family use when we … Continue reading

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How was your Valentine’s Date?

I hope that you had a romantic Valentine’s date with your boyfriend, husband, family or friends. I only stay at home with my family. I gave my husband a Valentine’s card. My daughter received gifts from her Daddy. We eat … Continue reading

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My Simply 7 snacks product review

My family loves to have a snack especially in the weekend. We always have snacks while watching and cheering for our favorite football team “Buffalo Bills” on TV. We always take a break during half time report and have our … Continue reading

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Perfect chairs for the choir at church

My kids and I go to church mostly Sunday. I have to make sure that we do not miss church during Sunday. God only wants a day for him for seven days. I am sure that we can leave our things … Continue reading

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How to keep your TV secures

My family loves to watch TV especially at night time. The TV we have in the living room started to act strange for few months now. The kids like to watch TV especially when they are eating in the kitchen. … Continue reading

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