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Three Ways You Can Make Your Food Style Healthier

These days, many people are interested in optimizing their health. Whether you’re attempting to boost your energy levels, improve your mood, lose weight, or accomplish some other wellness goal, it’s important to know that optimizing the way you eat can … Continue reading

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How easy to cook your eggs with Eggtastic ceramic microwave egg cooker

We love to eat eggs especially in the morning. We are lucky that we do not need to buy eggs in the store. We raised 9 chickens in our backyard. They give us eggs everyday. What is so goo about … Continue reading

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I cook ribs in the oven

My husband loves to eat ribs. The ribs are on sale that weekend when we went grocery shopping. I search for recipes internet that is simple for me to follow. I found this ribs recipe. I followed all the recipes … Continue reading

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Thank you Ozeri for this 8″ Green Earth Textured Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I have to make sure that I eat breakfast so as my kids. There are times that I eat between breakfast and lunch when I am very busy. I have to … Continue reading

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How our spider Halloween cupcakes turned out

The little girl is bothering me to bake some cupcakes. We bought all the ingredients couple weeks ago. I told her that we will bake the cupcakes when it is Halloween or close to that day. She will not take … Continue reading

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How BluApple help your veggies stay fresh review

I felt badly if I throw veggies, fruits or left-over foods in the fridge. It gives me sick to my stomach when I wasted the foods because it is rotten. I hate to throw food in the garbage or in … Continue reading

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I tried a fillet of fish at Mc Donald’s

It was not my plan to eat a fillet of fish that day. The husband asks me if I want to go with him to drop our vacuum for a repair and return the drill set that he bought at … Continue reading

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How to keep your TV secures

My family loves to watch TV especially at night time. The TV we have in the living room started to act strange for few months now. The kids like to watch TV especially when they are eating in the kitchen. … Continue reading

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My Aroma rice cooker product review

Rice is the best food for me to eat. Honestly, I cannot live without eating rice. When you are Asian eating rice is what you have been a custom to eat everyday for the rest of your life. I have … Continue reading

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Wishing to have this food saver

I do not like the idea that when I get meat in the freezer and it is frozen burn. I am not sure if the meat is still fine to cook or not. I went shopping the other day at … Continue reading

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