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Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 Chocolate Chip Muffins

Muffins is one of the snack that my kids loves to munch especially after coming from school or playing outside. I loved muffins as well. I usually baked muffins with my little girl but not yesterday. My daughter and I … Continue reading

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Is apple pie an Easter dessert? 

I baked this apple pie for the first time last year. I do not know what was the occasion. It was fun preparing because my family helped each other. I think that it is the best part for me. This … Continue reading

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Little K is baking confetti cupcakes for her friends at school to share for her birthday

Little K’s actual birthday is in the summer. The school is over when she has her birthday. Mrs. L her 2nd grade teacher asks her if she wants to have a birthday party in school. She picks her own date … Continue reading

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Baking Easter cookies with my girl

I ask my little girl if she wants to bake cookies or cupcakes with her Mommy. She said that she wants to help me bake Easter cookies. We gather all our ingredients to use for baking Easter cookies.   We … Continue reading

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What do you do with rotten bananas

I love to eat banana. It helps me when I am really hungry while waiting for my food to cook. I usually have a banana during breakfast. The kids also like to eat the banana. There are five rotten bananas … Continue reading

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My first try of baking a pumpkin pie

I am not good in baking or cooking. I am not afraid to try or experience things. Yesterday was obviously Thanksgiving Day in America, right? I tried to bake a pumpkin pie for the first time for a change. I … Continue reading

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How our spider Halloween cupcakes turned out

The little girl is bothering me to bake some cupcakes. We bought all the ingredients couple weeks ago. I told her that we will bake the cupcakes when it is Halloween or close to that day. She will not take … Continue reading

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My instant blueberry muffin

I love to eat muffin especially with my coffee in the morning. The coffee and the muffins are a team. I ran out of muffin that morning. I am glad that I found a package of instant blueberry muffin. This … Continue reading

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Baking cookies with my little girl

I had a mistake when I went to the store. I was in hurry to bake cupcakes that I grabbed the wrong box. I bought one for cupcakes and one for the cookies. We already made the cupcakes for her … Continue reading

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How to bake an easy banana cake recipe

I have three over ripe bananas on the kitchen counter. I do not want to throw them. I know that I still can eat the bananas. I search online for the easy banana cake recipe. I am glad that finally … Continue reading

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