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Cookies are buy one get one in our local grocery store

I am very happy that cookies are on sale this week. You can get one free when you buy one. I really love this kind of cookie.   It is an oatmeal raisin cookie. I know that my kids love … Continue reading

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Baking Easter cookies with my girl

I ask my little girl if she wants to bake cookies or cupcakes with her Mommy. She said that she wants to help me bake Easter cookies. We gather all our ingredients to use for baking Easter cookies.   We … Continue reading

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Baking cookies with my little girl

I had a mistake when I went to the store. I was in hurry to bake cupcakes that I grabbed the wrong box. I bought one for cupcakes and one for the cookies. We already made the cupcakes for her … Continue reading

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What is inside my gift basket?

I want to say “Thank you “to Mommy D for sharing this advertiser Website. Most of my US friends sent an email and most of us got a yes replied. Most of us received the gift basket for free. We … Continue reading

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Bought some pumpkin loaf cake

I really wanted to bake something for the Halloween. I just cannot find a simple recipe for me to bake. I want to try baking pumpkin pie for the family especially for the kids. Instead, I went grocery shopping in … Continue reading

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My Lucy’s cookies product review

My little girl is unfortunate that she has the food allergies. She is allergic to any dairy products and peanuts. I know that she wants to eat anything especially cookies. Any kids would love cookies for snacks or treats. As … Continue reading

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What a crunchy and delicious giveaway snacks prize

I joined one of my journal friend’s giveaways. I never expected that I will win the prize. I think this is my fifth time to win the giveaway. I am sure I am lucky or it just my lucky day … Continue reading

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Mother’s day celebration with my friends

I have few Filipino friends that I consider my best friends. We live far from one another. Yet the distance is nothing when we get together. I spent my Mother’s day celebration when my friends and their families. It was … Continue reading

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Bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

My little girl helps me bake some cookies for school. We bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It comes in the package. All you need is one stick of butter and one egg. Beat all the ingredients together until it forms … Continue reading

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What does say in your fortune cookie?

I treat my kids to Chinese buffet yesterday for dinner. I seldom treat them. I do not feel like cooking dinner. Do you feel that way too sometimes? My husband was working 12 hours that day. We went grocery to … Continue reading

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