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The best music store to shop in North Carolina

Music is always part of my life. I grow up listening to music. I could sing whatever I do and even cooking. I could dance as well while doing something in the kitchen. It does not matter if I am … Continue reading

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How to perfect your performance with this music accessories

Just like cooking, we need trial and error to perfect a recipe. I am not great in cooking but with experienced sometimes my food tastes better. I am so glad that my family survived my cooking, so far they are … Continue reading

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How to serve the holidays enjoyable with Groupon

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. One of my sister-in-law invited our family for Thanksgiving dinner in their house. My in-laws from my husband side will be there celebrating Thanksgiving on their home. We went there last … Continue reading

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Three items every chef needs to wear

If you have ever seen a chef working to produce great food you have probably noticed that all chefs tend to wear a similar type of clothing. They generally wear a chef’s jacket, trousers and hat. Although these items of … Continue reading

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I made the beer battered fish for the first time.

Growing up in the tropical country of the Philippines, I love eating fish. Any recipe that has a fish, definitely I eat it. My family loves to eat fish except my Summer Babe so I made her a different dish … Continue reading

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How to cook pork stir fry with Filippo Berio Olive oil

As you know, my family is half Asian. My family loves to eat Asian food as well aside from American. Sometimes cooking for them is hard especially on what dish to prepare. There are times that I am craving for … Continue reading

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My simple Christmas birthday celebration

I turned 42 years old last Christmas. I am getting old. I am proud of it and no shame at all. Age is just a number, right? Anyway, my husband and my kids ordered me this beautiful birthday cake from … Continue reading

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Simple Steps That Parents Can Take to Protect Their Children’s Food from Contamination

Parents spend a lot of time and a lot of energy trying to prepare food that is both delicious and healthy for their children. That is why when parents hear things on the news that indicate certain foods have become … Continue reading

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How easy to cook your eggs with Eggtastic ceramic microwave egg cooker

We love to eat eggs especially in the morning. We are lucky that we do not need to buy eggs in the store. We raised 9 chickens in our backyard. They give us eggs everyday. What is so goo about … Continue reading

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How to keep your kitchen free of accidents

Accidents happen especially when you have the small babies that explore around the house especially in the kitchen. Despite being careful, sometimes accidents really happen. We feel badly especially when our small babies get hurt. One way to prevent them … Continue reading

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