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Where to buy the perfect guitar pedal

I love it when hubby and I have our lunch date. It seldom happen but I love spending time just the two of us dining without our kids.It is so intimate. It is also perfect to catch up with our … Continue reading

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How to keep punctual on your date

Who does not love a date that is punctual? I am sure everybody wants to see their date arrives on time, right? I remember those days when I am meeting a guy for the first time in the Philippines. He … Continue reading

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Why sitting in a comfy cushion while dining is very important

When we moved to this new house, the stool bars have a thick cushion and left for us from the previous owner as a welcome gift to us. We do love the stool bars that my family use when we … Continue reading

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How was your Valentine’s Date?

I hope that you had a romantic Valentine’s date with your boyfriend, husband, family or friends. I only stay at home with my family. I gave my husband a Valentine’s card. My daughter received gifts from her Daddy. We eat … Continue reading

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Dining in a music lounge

I miss those moments when you are dining with your boyfriend in a music lounge. My husband used and I used to this when we first met 12 years ago today. I miss those romantic moments. I really do and … Continue reading

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The family had lunch at Applebee’s restaurant

The family had lunch at Applebee’s restaurant after the little girl’s allergist’s appointment. We eat at Applebee’s for many times now. I think their meals are affordable. There are many restaurants that we see as the Daddy is driving. We … Continue reading

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My little girl’s first time to eat at Jollibee

This was the 30th of June 2012 the morning we landed at my home town, Cagayan de Oro City Philippines. Our flight supposed to arrive at six in the morning. My Mom, my niece and nephew are already waited for … Continue reading

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Utensils fork and spoon hanging at the restaurant

I took a picture of these utensils fork and spoon at the restaurant. They are displayed on the wall. I found it so neat. I never had seen a wooden forks and spoons. They are always stainless. These utensils are … Continue reading

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