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Thank you Ecommflash for these eco-friendly and beautiful kitchen utensils

Do you have a favorite pan? Are you afraid of scratching it with regular kitchen utensils? There are times that when my hubby is cooking, he uses the spoon or fork to stir. I get mad because he will scratch … Continue reading

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Thank you Ozeri for this 8″ Green Earth Textured Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I have to make sure that I eat breakfast so as my kids. There are times that I eat between breakfast and lunch when I am very busy. I have to … Continue reading

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Last breakfast with their niece

This was the last breakfast together with their niece before heading back to Florida. M is such a good girl. She eats whatever you serve on the table except pork. I cannot believe that she eats rice, noodles and eggs … Continue reading

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I missed eating dried fish

There are times that I am craving for Filipino food. It was yesterday that I craved for dried fish. The only thing that I do not like frying the dried fish is the smell. I cannot open the windows in … Continue reading

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Giant Food Mart the only grocery store at the camp

The family drove to my in-law’s camp two weeks ago. The husband needs to fix something down at the camp. I prepared all our stuff that we need at the camp for three days. The kids are very excited. We … Continue reading

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Fried rice with spam lunch meat

I saw a picture of fried rice with spam lunch meat in one of my friend’s journal. I thought it looks very delicious. I love to eat spam lunch meat. It is very delicious to fry it, eat with rice … Continue reading

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My easy fried chicken

My husband likes bake chicken. I do not like it because it takes awhile to cook. I rather fry chicken or any meat. We usually have the chicken because they are cheap compare to pork. There are two split breast … Continue reading

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Our meals at the camp

The family really bonds well when we are at the camp. It is only for three days and two nights but it is just us family. I hope that we can do camping next year again. The kids love to … Continue reading

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My classic potato salad

When I made this potato salad for the first time, I never expected that somebody will like it. I cannot believe that it turned out delicious. It makes my heart skip when I receive praises. I am one humble person … Continue reading

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What is so special about this egg?

You have to read more so you find out WHY, right?  My family loves to eat eggs everyday. I could cook it scramble, fry or sunny side-up. It does not matter; my kids still wants to eat the eggs with … Continue reading

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