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How to cook pork stir fry with Filippo Berio Olive oil

As you know, my family is half Asian. My family loves to eat Asian food as well aside from American. Sometimes cooking for them is hard especially on what dish to prepare. There are times that I am craving for … Continue reading

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My first time to plan a meal for the entire week

I am not a good cook but I am willing to learn. My husband is complaining that we are eating the same food. He wants to eat something else. It is not easy cooking when one of your family member … Continue reading

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Thank you Ozeri for this 8″ Green Earth Textured Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I have to make sure that I eat breakfast so as my kids. There are times that I eat between breakfast and lunch when I am very busy. I have to … Continue reading

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Why Ozeri Serafino glass is an amazing glass to use for cold and hot drinks or beverages

Do you wish that your glass can be use for cold or hot drinks or beverages? I admit I wish that for myself. It will save you time and dishes to wash, right? I use a glass when I want … Continue reading

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Last breakfast with their niece

This was the last breakfast together with their niece before heading back to Florida. M is such a good girl. She eats whatever you serve on the table except pork. I cannot believe that she eats rice, noodles and eggs … Continue reading

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I cooked chicken afritada for dinner

I am not a great cook. I can cook alright. I am very thankful that my family is not picky. They eat what I cook which makes me happy. I have potatoes that I bought. It was on sale for … Continue reading

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Our meals at the camp

The family really bonds well when we are at the camp. It is only for three days and two nights but it is just us family. I hope that we can do camping next year again. The kids love to … Continue reading

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The family had lunch at Applebee’s restaurant

The family had lunch at Applebee’s restaurant after the little girl’s allergist’s appointment. We eat at Applebee’s for many times now. I think their meals are affordable. There are many restaurants that we see as the Daddy is driving. We … Continue reading

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My little girl’s first time to eat at Jollibee

This was the 30th of June 2012 the morning we landed at my home town, Cagayan de Oro City Philippines. Our flight supposed to arrive at six in the morning. My Mom, my niece and nephew are already waited for … Continue reading

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Do you know how to use chop sticks?

I I do not know how to use chop sticks. I am not interested to learn. I want to use my utensils or perhaps my hands than using chop sticks. I drove my kids to Chinese buffet here in our city. … Continue reading

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