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I made this basic chicken salad

I admit am not a good cook. I like to cook meal that is basic so easy for me to follow the directions. My family likes the classic food as well. We went to the beach in Hamlin few weeks … Continue reading

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Fun Flavors With Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a delicious treat that is healthier than ice cream and that can be combined with numerous ingredients to give the delicious flavors that you enjoy. To make the healthiest frozen yogurt, you can add fresh fruits and … Continue reading

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A co-worker from work gave me this banana

It is hard to resist this banana who I called “saba” in my dialect. Growing up in the Philippines, I love to eat this banana raw or cook. I can also eat when it is raw or ripe. Either way … Continue reading

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How to cook pork stir fry with Filippo Berio Olive oil

As you know, my family is half Asian. My family loves to eat Asian food as well aside from American. Sometimes cooking for them is hard especially on what dish to prepare. There are times that I am craving for … Continue reading

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Simple Steps That Parents Can Take to Protect Their Children’s Food from Contamination

Parents spend a lot of time and a lot of energy trying to prepare food that is both delicious and healthy for their children. That is why when parents hear things on the news that indicate certain foods have become … Continue reading

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I made chicken enchiladas for dinner

This is my very first time to make chicken enchiladas that I found a recipe HERE in ALL RECIPES. My family especially my boys loves Italian foods. I do not like Italian foods. My Asian taste buds does not like … Continue reading

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3 Romantic, Healthy Dinners to Prepare at Home

Every now and then, it is absolutely lovely to have a home-cooked, romantic dinner event for two. This is especially true after a long, hard work week that has left the couple feeling mentally exhausted and worn out. The best … Continue reading

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Our first meal in the trailer camp

It was the 18th of last month when my family went camping. We left around ten in the morning after the kids had breakfast. We already prepared all the stuff we need when go camping that night. Everything is ready … Continue reading

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Cooking my own version of garlic shrimp pasta

My family loves to eat pasta. I do not like to eat the main spaghetti. My family also loves to eat shrimp except my summer babe who does not like any seafood. Cooking for a dairy food allergy kid is … Continue reading

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Essentials for Restaurants that Deliver

If you have a restaurant that delivers foods, you already understand that you need the right products in order to have the food delivered to your customers in the same manner as it was when it came off the stove … Continue reading

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