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My first time to plan a meal for the entire week

I am not a good cook but I am willing to learn. My husband is complaining that we are eating the same food. He wants to eat something else. It is not easy cooking when one of your family member … Continue reading

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I won Jenny-O Turkey Store $20 coupons from a giveaway

I love joining giveaway. I know I seldom wins but if I do won, makes me scream for joy. I won this $20 coupons of Jenny-O Turkey Store products. Jenny-O Turkey Store products are obviously turkey meat,right?. I never expected … Continue reading

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Do you like to eat fish?

I drove to Super Wal-Mart in Transit Road last week. It was the scariest drive I ever experience since I had my license. I never thought that road condition is very bad that day. The road is hard to see. … Continue reading

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Giant Food Mart the only grocery store at the camp

The family drove to my in-law’s camp two weeks ago. The husband needs to fix something down at the camp. I prepared all our stuff that we need at the camp for three days. The kids are very excited. We … Continue reading

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Kraft sandwich spread

I grew up in the Philippines eating a sandwich spread on my bread. It is a delicious snacks to have especially in the morning or afternoon. Now living here in America eating sandwich is a part of meal especially at … Continue reading

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My Munggo beans satisfied my craving

I remember our neighbor who sells foods in her small store. She passed away now. God bless her soul. She sells different kind of foods. My favorite to buy is the munggo beans. It is about five pesos. It tastes … Continue reading

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Italian bread buy one get one

I am happy that our local grocery store has a sale last week. There are many sales in the store. My favorite item that is for sale is the bread. My family eats Italian bread everyday. I bought four loaves … Continue reading

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Macaroni and Cheese $10 for ten

I am very happy that our local grocery store has a sale for Macaroni and Cheese that week. You can buy the Macaroni and Cheese for $10 for ten. It is $1 each box. It has been awhile since we … Continue reading

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Shopping for grocery is easy

How many times do you shop for grocery? I usually do it once a week. Sometimes I just drive in the store and buy foods and veggies. There is one store where I usually shop. It is very close to … Continue reading

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