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Simple Steps That Parents Can Take to Protect Their Children’s Food from Contamination

Parents spend a lot of time and a lot of energy trying to prepare food that is both delicious and healthy for their children. That is why when parents hear things on the news that indicate certain foods have become … Continue reading

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I cook the lasagna for the first time last night

This week is a very exciting week for me. It is because I cook meals that are not common in our household. My boys are complaining that we eat the same food. This week is different. I cooked the lasagna … Continue reading

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My first time to plan a meal for the entire week

I am not a good cook but I am willing to learn. My husband is complaining that we are eating the same food. He wants to eat something else. It is not easy cooking when one of your family member … Continue reading

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Why Simply 7 Snacks are the best and healthy chips to eat with your family

I admit my family loves to eat snacks. Who does not, right? Chips are one of the snacks that we eat especially after playing or swimming. My kids need to take a break and have snacks with them. There are … Continue reading

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Looks like peanut butter but it is WOWbutter your best alternative to peanut butter

Growing up we eat peanut butter like snacks spread on our sandwich or any bread. I remember if my Mom order peanut butter from a neighbor, it will not take a week and the peanut butter is gone in a … Continue reading

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Freshen up your refrigerator with Oransi Ionic Air Purifier

There are times that we cannot eat all the food that I cooked that day. I hate to throw food knowing that some parts of the world is having a hunger strike or nothing to eat. I felt awful if … Continue reading

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Received a sample of Kashi’s soft baked square cake

I see a sample of Kashi’s in my Facebook feeds. I check the link and order my sample. I cannot believe it arrived so fast. The cake is very delicious. It really melts in your mouth. It also comes a … Continue reading

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My Lucy’s cookies product review

My little girl is unfortunate that she has the food allergies. She is allergic to any dairy products and peanuts. I know that she wants to eat anything especially cookies. Any kids would love cookies for snacks or treats. As … Continue reading

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Italian bread buy one get one

I am happy that our local grocery store has a sale last week. There are many sales in the store. My favorite item that is for sale is the bread. My family eats Italian bread everyday. I bought four loaves … Continue reading

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My Asher’s sandwich cookies product review

My family has a sweet tooth. We all love to eat chocolates. Who does not, right? I know eating sweets are not good for your teeth. You have to make sure that you brush your teeth after eating to prevent … Continue reading

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