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How to keep your kitchen free of accidents

Accidents happen especially when you have the small babies that explore around the house especially in the kitchen. Despite being careful, sometimes accidents really happen. We feel badly especially when our small babies get hurt. One way to prevent them … Continue reading

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Bought new place mats for the kitchen counter

Our old place mat looks dirty. I need to buy new place mat. I also bought the same design like our old place mat. It is only design that matches our Corian counter top. It is the only blue color. … Continue reading

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Thank you Ecommflash for these eco-friendly and beautiful kitchen utensils

Do you have a favorite pan? Are you afraid of scratching it with regular kitchen utensils? There are times that when my hubby is cooking, he uses the spoon or fork to stir. I get mad because he will scratch … Continue reading

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What do you do with rotten bananas

I love to eat banana. It helps me when I am really hungry while waiting for my food to cook. I usually have a banana during breakfast. The kids also like to eat the banana. There are five rotten bananas … Continue reading

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Meet my little chef

My little girl loves to pretend that she is a chef. She likes to help me out in the kitchen as well. I love this age where she has a wild imagination. She is growing up too fast. I am … Continue reading

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BJ’s free 60 day membership trial card

How I wish that BJ’s is very close to us. I would love to join their membership for free for 60 days. I got this in the mail. Unfortunately I cannot join their membership. This also comes with two free … Continue reading

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My easy fried chicken

My husband likes bake chicken. I do not like it because it takes awhile to cook. I rather fry chicken or any meat. We usually have the chicken because they are cheap compare to pork. There are two split breast … Continue reading

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How to keep your TV secures

My family loves to watch TV especially at night time. The TV we have in the living room started to act strange for few months now. The kids like to watch TV especially when they are eating in the kitchen. … Continue reading

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My Aroma rice cooker product review

Rice is the best food for me to eat. Honestly, I cannot live without eating rice. When you are Asian eating rice is what you have been a custom to eat everyday for the rest of your life. I have … Continue reading

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Cooking makes easier with this sharp knife

Growing up I do not cook, my younger sister is assign to cook for the family. I am assign to go to the market and buy foods like meat or vegetables for the family. I cook sometimes when my younger … Continue reading

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