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How to have an easy and healthy breakfast with Jimmy Dean

Once in a while I do not cook breakfast for my kids especially when I am so exhausted. I feel badly but it rarely happens that I do not make them breakfast especially for my son that goes to school … Continue reading

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My first time to plan a meal for the entire week

I am not a good cook but I am willing to learn. My husband is complaining that we are eating the same food. He wants to eat something else. It is not easy cooking when one of your family member … Continue reading

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A Valentine lunch date with my husband at Applebee’s restaurant

My husband called me few days ago when he was at work. He asks me what I want for Valentines Day. I told him that I want a lunch date at Applebee’s restaurant. We used to have a lunch date … Continue reading

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Fried pork with gravy, egg noodles and steam carrots are my husband’s dinner

My husband is working in the afternoon. He missed eating dinner with the family when he has that schedule. I have to cook early dinner so he can bring it to work with him. I like it also so it … Continue reading

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Last breakfast with their niece

This was the last breakfast together with their niece before heading back to Florida. M is such a good girl. She eats whatever you serve on the table except pork. I cannot believe that she eats rice, noodles and eggs … Continue reading

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Listening to beautiful music while dining

I love listening to music whatever I do. It does not matter if I eat or doing something. I love to play some music while eating with my family or friends. Growing up, we have a karaoke system back in … Continue reading

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Kraft sandwich spread

I grew up in the Philippines eating a sandwich spread on my bread. It is a delicious snacks to have especially in the morning or afternoon. Now living here in America eating sandwich is a part of meal especially at … Continue reading

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My husband’s dinner to bring to his work

One thing I love about my husband is? He is not picky about food that I serve on the table. He is working over time tonight. He works in the afternoon. He will miss having dinner with his family. I … Continue reading

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How to keep your TV secures

My family loves to watch TV especially at night time. The TV we have in the living room started to act strange for few months now. The kids like to watch TV especially when they are eating in the kitchen. … Continue reading

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Wearing warm jacket on the way for dinner

My family likes to have the dinner in a restaurant especially in the weekend. We sometimes go to Chinese buffet. Sometimes we have the dinner at Applebee’s restaurant. We go out to eat as a family once a month or … Continue reading

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