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How to entertain your guest this holiday with Groupon

DISCLOSURE:  This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. I cannot believe that Christmas is almost here. There are 10 days left before Christmas. I am very excited for my kids to open their gifts from Santa. I will also … Continue reading

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Where to buy accessories for your Peterson guitar

There are times that once we found a brand that we loved to play we stick to it. I know I do that all the time. I am very picky. My husband told me that you pay what you get … Continue reading

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Music makes dining sounds fun

We were invited at two Christmas parties last year. One is for the Filipino American Western New York foundation and the other is for fellow Filipinos. It was fun and the food are all delicious. It was two different occasion … Continue reading

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My simple Christmas birthday celebration

I turned 42 years old last Christmas. I am getting old. I am proud of it and no shame at all. Age is just a number, right? Anyway, my husband and my kids ordered me this beautiful birthday cake from … Continue reading

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My own version of Lumpia Shanghai

I love anything that is Asian foods. It is a 100% true because I am Filipino by heart. I also love American food. There are times that I am craving for Filipino dish. I am thankful that PANLASANG PINOY is … Continue reading

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Little K is baking confetti cupcakes for her friends at school to share for her birthday

Little K’s actual birthday is in the summer. The school is over when she has her birthday. Mrs. L her 2nd grade teacher asks her if she wants to have a birthday party in school. She picks her own date … Continue reading

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Baking Easter cookies with my girl

I ask my little girl if she wants to bake cookies or cupcakes with her Mommy. She said that she wants to help me bake Easter cookies. We gather all our ingredients to use for baking Easter cookies.   We … Continue reading

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My first try of baking a pumpkin pie

I am not good in baking or cooking. I am not afraid to try or experience things. Yesterday was obviously Thanksgiving Day in America, right? I tried to bake a pumpkin pie for the first time for a change. I … Continue reading

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A roast pig at the Filipino summer picnic

It was 5 days ago when my kids and I attended the Filipino summer picnic. It was held at Cheektowaga Park. It was our first time to visit that park. We were almost an hour late when we arrived at … Continue reading

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A basket shaped watermelon at my little girl friend’s party

No! I did not carved this basket shaped watermelon. I think it looks very creative. I do not have the talent to do that. I do have the talent to eat. I love to eat watermelon especially that it is … Continue reading

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