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Thank you Ecommflash for these eco-friendly and beautiful kitchen utensils

Do you have a favorite pan? Are you afraid of scratching it with regular kitchen utensils? There are times that when my hubby is cooking, he uses the spoon or fork to stir. I get mad because he will scratch … Continue reading

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Cooking stir fry chicken

I love anything with chicken. It is affordable than pork. I usually cook anything with chicken. Few nights ago I cooked chicken stir fry. This recipe is very easy to cook. You need chicken. You also need onions, garlic, soy … Continue reading

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My own version of Pork Adobo

I thaw out a big chunk of pork belly. I was planning to cook it in a crock pot. The husband asks for my help and it ended a long time. I remember I need to cook the pork belly … Continue reading

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Last breakfast with their niece

This was the last breakfast together with their niece before heading back to Florida. M is such a good girl. She eats whatever you serve on the table except pork. I cannot believe that she eats rice, noodles and eggs … Continue reading

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Rice, steak with onions and green beans are my husband’s dinner

This week my husband is working in the afternoon. He will miss eating dinner with the family. I make our dinner earlier for that day. I do not need to make dinner that night too. My husband will bring his … Continue reading

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Giant Food Mart the only grocery store at the camp

The family drove to my in-law’s camp two weeks ago. The husband needs to fix something down at the camp. I prepared all our stuff that we need at the camp for three days. The kids are very excited. We … Continue reading

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Fried rice with spam lunch meat

I saw a picture of fried rice with spam lunch meat in one of my friend’s journal. I thought it looks very delicious. I love to eat spam lunch meat. It is very delicious to fry it, eat with rice … Continue reading

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My Aroma rice cooker product review

Rice is the best food for me to eat. Honestly, I cannot live without eating rice. When you are Asian eating rice is what you have been a custom to eat everyday for the rest of your life. I have … Continue reading

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My Jasmine rice

I am not picky of what brand my rice is. It does not matter since I can cook it anyway. I am fine with it. I seldom eat Jasmine rice. What is so special about Jasmine rice? It smells so good when … Continue reading

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