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Pork tenderloin for dinner

I love to eat pork. How I wish that it is not expensive. I buy pork especially this pork tenderloin when it is on sale. There are many flavors of pork tenderloin but I like this flavor the most. It … Continue reading

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I made tuna macaroni salad

The husband loves any salad. He especially love the salad at dinner time. Since the weather starts to get warmer everyday, my husband loves to use the grill. He loves to grill hot dogs, hamburger, steak, chicken or any meat … Continue reading

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Home made mashed potatoes fried pork and corn are the husband’s dinner

This was last Wednesday that the husband’s dinner was. He worked in the afternoon shift. He will miss dinner with the family. I made him dinner to bring for work with him. I had potatoes that are almost rotten. I … Continue reading

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Fried pork with gravy, egg noodles and steam carrots are my husband’s dinner

My husband is working in the afternoon. He missed eating dinner with the family when he has that schedule. I have to cook early dinner so he can bring it to work with him. I like it also so it … Continue reading

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How BluApple help your veggies stay fresh review

I felt badly if I throw veggies, fruits or left-over foods in the fridge. It gives me sick to my stomach when I wasted the foods because it is rotten. I hate to throw food in the garbage or in … Continue reading

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One of my friend brings this macaroni salad

We had a Memorial Day weekend party lasts Sunday in our house. Some of my Filipino friends came over. Some miss the party because they had the earlier gatherings to attend to. Some were busy. I do understand. I hope … Continue reading

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Our foods at the Chuck E Cheese

I have a coupon that includes the tokens and our foods. I ordered half cheese and no cheese pizza. I also have coupons for the chicken wings and salad. I ordered no cheese pizza so my little girl can eat … Continue reading

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My own version of salad

My husband likes to eat salad especially at dinner time. I also notice that my kids like to eat it too. Sometimes the Daddy just gives the salad to his kids. I like to make salad but I do not … Continue reading

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