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Where to go with your printing needs

We always need something to print. It could be for our family or work related. I know that I do need a new printer. Our old printer is not working. I know I bought new printer ink but it will … Continue reading

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I tried a fillet of fish at Mc Donald’s

It was not my plan to eat a fillet of fish that day. The husband asks me if I want to go with him to drop our vacuum for a repair and return the drill set that he bought at … Continue reading

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How to make your restaurant brochure stand out with the customer

Are you planning an opening of your restaurant soon? Is everything ready for your opening? Do you have the brochure or menu ready for your customers? Customers like me always check the menu first. I always check the brochure and … Continue reading

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Affordable wedding rings for your man

A wedding should be the joyous occasion in your life. We only get married once. Finding true love should not cost a fortune. Love is the most special thing. The important accessory that a man can wear in his wedding … Continue reading

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Where to buy properties near the beach

I grow up in a tropical country. I always love to go the beach. I am lucky that the beach is not far from the place that I grow. It will only takes at least 20 minutes depends on the … Continue reading

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Perfect chairs for the choir at church

My kids and I go to church mostly Sunday. I have to make sure that we do not miss church during Sunday. God only wants a day for him for seven days. I am sure that we can leave our things … Continue reading

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Wearing warm jacket on the way for dinner

My family likes to have the dinner in a restaurant especially in the weekend. We sometimes go to Chinese buffet. Sometimes we have the dinner at Applebee’s restaurant. We go out to eat as a family once a month or … Continue reading

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Free refreshments from Home Depot

This was last weekend when I bring the kids at Home Depot. They have a kid’s work shop every first Saturday of the month. My kids enjoyed that work shop. They build a project which they are very proud of. … Continue reading

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Ginataang Kuhol at Café Ilang-Ilang

Growing up, I always love eating sea foods. I remember we used to cross the Carmen River and will dive for snails. You can cook snails whatever you want. It is very delicious. My daughter and I stayed at Manila … Continue reading

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Pizza and chicken wings for the weekends

Do you like to cook in the weekends? I do not and I want to order or perhaps eat outside. Sometimes we order chicken wings and pizza for dinner. We could eat it the next day if there is a … Continue reading

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