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How to keep punctual on your date

Who does not love a date that is punctual? I am sure everybody wants to see their date arrives on time, right? I remember those days when I am meeting a guy for the first time in the Philippines. He … Continue reading

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BJ’s free 60 day membership trial card

How I wish that BJ’s is very close to us. I would love to join their membership for free for 60 days. I got this in the mail. Unfortunately I cannot join their membership. This also comes with two free … Continue reading

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Bought a new Guy Fieri cooking sets for my kitchen

I received a Bonton $50 off coupon in the mail last week. I told my husband about it. We plan to buy new cooking set for our kitchen. The one I am using are not good. Some have scrapes on … Continue reading

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Bought some pumpkin loaf cake

I really wanted to bake something for the Halloween. I just cannot find a simple recipe for me to bake. I want to try baking pumpkin pie for the family especially for the kids. Instead, I went grocery shopping in … Continue reading

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Wearing warm jacket on the way for dinner

My family likes to have the dinner in a restaurant especially in the weekend. We sometimes go to Chinese buffet. Sometimes we have the dinner at Applebee’s restaurant. We go out to eat as a family once a month or … Continue reading

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My Munggo beans satisfied my craving

I remember our neighbor who sells foods in her small store. She passed away now. God bless her soul. She sells different kind of foods. My favorite to buy is the munggo beans. It is about five pesos. It tastes … Continue reading

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Shopping for grocery is easy

How many times do you shop for grocery? I usually do it once a week. Sometimes I just drive in the store and buy foods and veggies. There is one store where I usually shop. It is very close to … Continue reading

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Wishing to have this food saver

I do not like the idea that when I get meat in the freezer and it is frozen burn. I am not sure if the meat is still fine to cook or not. I went shopping the other day at … Continue reading

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Buy one get one free red strawberries

I saw these delicious red strawberries the other day at the local store. It was buy one get one free. I know that my little girl loves to eat strawberry. I am glad that his Daddy bought it today. The … Continue reading

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