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It has been awhile since the last time I eat Pringles

I love to eat Pringles while I was still in the Philippines.It cost 50 pesos or $1 and few cents in American money. I love how crunchy the chips are. When I leave in America, I seldom eats it. I … Continue reading

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Thank you Influenster and Sargento Cheese

I received a box from Influenster yesterday. It came with a cute little bag with coupons from Sargento Ultra Thin Cheese. I never try the Sargento Cheese before. I am glad that our local store sells the Sargento Ultra Thin … Continue reading

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Giant Food Mart the only grocery store at the camp

The family drove to my in-law’s camp two weeks ago. The husband needs to fix something down at the camp. I prepared all our stuff that we need at the camp for three days. The kids are very excited. We … Continue reading

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My Simply 7 snacks product review

My family loves to have a snack especially in the weekend. We always have snacks while watching and cheering for our favorite football team “Buffalo Bills” on TV. We always take a break during half time report and have our … Continue reading

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Received a sample of Kashi’s soft baked square cake

I see a sample of Kashi’s in my Facebook feeds. I check the link and order my sample. I cannot believe it arrived so fast. The cake is very delicious. It really melts in your mouth. It also comes a … Continue reading

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My Lucy’s cookies product review

My little girl is unfortunate that she has the food allergies. She is allergic to any dairy products and peanuts. I know that she wants to eat anything especially cookies. Any kids would love cookies for snacks or treats. As … Continue reading

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My Asher’s sandwich cookies product review

My family has a sweet tooth. We all love to eat chocolates. Who does not, right? I know eating sweets are not good for your teeth. You have to make sure that you brush your teeth after eating to prevent … Continue reading

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My 34 Degrees crackers product review and giveaway

My kids love to eat crackers for snacks especially after going home from school. I also like to eat crackers as well. I think they are easy to digest and healthy to eat as a snack. Sometimes, my kids will … Continue reading

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We bring our cooler at the beach

The family went to the beach last Thursday to enjoy the warm weather. This is our first time to go to the beach this year as a family. My little girl and I went to the beach during our vacation … Continue reading

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What a crunchy and delicious giveaway snacks prize

I joined one of my journal friend’s giveaways. I never expected that I will win the prize. I think this is my fifth time to win the giveaway. I am sure I am lucky or it just my lucky day … Continue reading

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