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A co-worker from work gave me this banana

It is hard to resist this banana who I called “saba” in my dialect. Growing up in the Philippines, I love to eat this banana raw or cook. I can also eat when it is raw or ripe. Either way … Continue reading

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It has been awhile since the last time I eat Pringles

I love to eat Pringles while I was still in the Philippines.It cost 50 pesos or $1 and few cents in American money. I love how crunchy the chips are. When I leave in America, I seldom eats it. I … Continue reading

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Bought new place mats for the kitchen counter

Our old place mat looks dirty. I need to buy new place mat. I also bought the same design like our old place mat. It is only design that matches our Corian counter top. It is the only blue color. … Continue reading

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Do you like to eat fish?

I drove to Super Wal-Mart in Transit Road last week. It was the scariest drive I ever experience since I had my license. I never thought that road condition is very bad that day. The road is hard to see. … Continue reading

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Giant Food Mart the only grocery store at the camp

The family drove to my in-law’s camp two weeks ago. The husband needs to fix something down at the camp. I prepared all our stuff that we need at the camp for three days. The kids are very excited. We … Continue reading

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Baking cookies with my little girl

I had a mistake when I went to the store. I was in hurry to bake cupcakes that I grabbed the wrong box. I bought one for cupcakes and one for the cookies. We already made the cupcakes for her … Continue reading

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BJ’s free 60 day membership trial card

How I wish that BJ’s is very close to us. I would love to join their membership for free for 60 days. I got this in the mail. Unfortunately I cannot join their membership. This also comes with two free … Continue reading

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Received a home-made and delicious Atsara (Papaya Pickled) from a friend

I see Mommy R’s home made atsara or papaya pickled  in our private group in Facebook that she posted. She sells it to everyone that wants to buy for an affordable price. I admit I wanted to order her atsara … Continue reading

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I tried a fillet of fish at Mc Donald’s

It was not my plan to eat a fillet of fish that day. The husband asks me if I want to go with him to drop our vacuum for a repair and return the drill set that he bought at … Continue reading

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Want a piece of maple loaf cake?

I bought this maple loaf cake yesterday in our local store. It is not on sale this week. I bought it for a $2.99. There are many flavors of this cake from Entenmann’s. This is my new favorite flavor to … Continue reading

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