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My family is a mix of American and Asian. My husband is an American and I am Filipino. My kids are half American and half Filipino. They also eat American and Asian foods as well. I am glad that they are not picky which easy for me to cook for them. They eat anything that I cook.
There are times that I need a break from my cooking. I usually bring my kids for a Chinese restaurant on the weekends. It is just me and my kids especially when my husband is working 12 hours in the weekends.  My kids like to eat in a Chinese buffet especially my son.  He has more Asian taste on his mouth compared to my little girl who likes American food better.
How I wish that P.F. Chang’s has a branch closes to where we live. I know that P.F. Changs is in Galleria Mall but it is far me to drive with my kids. Do you have the P.F.Changs restaurant close to where you live?  P.F.Changs restaurant serve both American and Asian delicious dishes for your family. I am sure that everybody will enjoy their food while dining. They have the variety of delicious foods for you to choose from. I know that my kids will like their restaurant as well. I have to bring them one day in this restaurant.
 photo 0008911f-7d1d-4c9e-90f7-5a122a4eea6b_zps1de0003f.jpg
My kids like to eat dessert. P. F.Changs has the two new dessert menus for us to enjoy. You can try the Chocolate Raspberry and Sweet Vanilla Cheese with their delicious beverages like the Peppermint Mocha Cappuccino and Vanilla Bean Milkshake. These are special menus for the holidays. I love anything that has the vanilla. It is my favorite and I cannot wait to try their new holiday dessert and beverages.
 photo 542c2e8c-e075-468c-9373-d329061a09a1_zps72d91a85.jpg
By the way, do you have the social medias? You can Follow @pfchangs in the Twitter or Follow P.F. Chang’s on Pinterest. I followed them already so I will not miss any updates or promotions.
How about you? What are the new menus items you would like to try? Please let me now by leaving your comments below. I will appreciate that a lot.

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