Fried pork with gravy, egg noodles and steam carrots are my husband’s dinner

My husband is working in the afternoon. He missed eating dinner with the family when he has that schedule. I have to cook early dinner so he can bring it to work with him. I like it also so it saves me from not cooking dinner for that night.

fried pork with gravy, egg noodles and carrots are my husband's dinner

This afternoon I fried the pork. I boil the egg noodles. I steam the carrots. I also simmer a gravy. I made salad for him. He is all set for dinner. My husband always eat three course of food. He always has the meat and vegetables. He does not mind the side dish. He has to have the salad as he likes to eat salad.

I just wrap his food in one plate with aluminum foil. He can carry it with him to work. He also brings a mug of coffee with him. He can eat his dinner when he is free at work. I am glad that he is not picky. He eats whatever I cook for him or for the family.

How about you? What is for dinner?

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