Home made mashed potatoes fried pork and corn are the husband’s dinner

This was last Wednesday that the husband’s dinner was. He worked in the afternoon shift. He will miss dinner with the family. I made him dinner to bring for work with him.

home made mashed potatoes

I had potatoes that are almost rotten. I do not want the potatoes to put into waste. I made my home-made mashed potatoes instead of using the ready-made mashed potatoes. I boiled the water while peeling the potatoes. I peeled at least six potatoes. I slice it into four pieces so that way the potatoes are easy to get soft.

pork, mashed potatoes and corn is the husband's dinner

I also fried the pork. I steam some corn. I also simmer a brown gravy in the stove. I also made him salad. The husband is all set for his dinner that night. I do not need to cook dinner for kids as well. I just reheat their food. We can eat whatever time they want to eat.

pork, mashed potatoes with brown gravy and corn is the husband's dinner

I also cook rice for myself. The little girl cannot eat the mashed because there is milk mixed in the mashed potatoes.

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