Hong Kong buffet our favorite Chinese restaurant

It has been awhile since I last treat my kids in the Chinese buffet. I cannot remember when was the last time we eat in this Chinese buffet. Every time we want to eat Chinese, Hong Kong buffet is our choice. My kids love to eat Chinese especially my eldest. He can eat at least three plates of food. The little girl is not into Chinese. She will eat one plate and that is about it. She is not even eat all her food in one plate.

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I ate two plates. It was late at night when we ate at the Chinese buffet. It is not even crowded. Usually it is very crowded. I guess it is because it is late that is why few people are eating. I love it that way when it is not crowded. I had mussels and salmon the two foods that I love to eat every time we are in the Chinese buffet. I paid $20.81 for the three of us and that includes tax. It is usually $18 but the little girl ordered pop that is why it cost more. I am glad that we had a full tummy every time we left the Chinese buffet. The owner knew us and she is very friendly.

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2 Responses to Hong Kong buffet our favorite Chinese restaurant

  1. Rcel says:

    We also have a Hongkon Buffet here but we have only been there once. I think the last time we dined in at a buffet was already ages. I can’t even remember anymore! Mag-buffet ra man mi ug mapugos ba, kanang walay kaonon diri sa balay. Akong mga sakop di man mabuhi ug commercial nga luto tungod sa MSG ug cholesterol. Hahay!

    BPC hop!

  2. emzkie says:

    we love buffet too! kaya lang nagkamahal naman oi. pag lunch nalang ang among ma afford kaso wala kaau food pero ok lang. pero ang imong mga anak mga gagmating palang like 3-4 years old kay lugi ka.. hehe.. dili man kaau mukaon ug apil naman sa bayad. cge lang… lami bitaw..


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