How do you like your coffee?


I cannot function without having my morning coffee from Espresso Land.I only drinks coffee one cup in the morning. I tried drinking two cups but it feels like I am drowning. I like my coffee with creamer and sugar of course. I have used Nestle products since I started to drink coffee. My husband drinks four cups a day or more. He uses this creamer too but no sugar. What about you? Do you like to drink coffee? How do you like your coffee? I am linking these entries to #100 of 366 Blog Photo Challenge and Ruby Tuesday 2.


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14 Responses to How do you like your coffee?

  1. Chie says:

    I so love coffee sis. I can drive five cups sa morning lang yan.

  2. The3Chies says:

    I am back here sis for RT2. Same here, my hubby drinks coffee as much as I do a day. naliwat ko niya.

  3. Avs says:

    I like it with coffee mate too…but I add a little pizzazz – 1 spoon of Cafe Francais (naa sa walmart) and yum! coffee drinker pud jud ko. naa pud koy brewed – tong starbucks french toast ground coffee nila akong pinakagusto – same with Nescafe French Toast. Lasaw ra nako ang regular coffee….ingon pa nila lami daw with whipped cream..di na lang ko mutry kay unsaon ang cholesterol. bpc hop!

  4. Leovi says:

    I like black coffee and sugar.

  5. Adin B says:

    Not a coffee type of person in the morning for sure. If I feel like drinking, then I drink. My husband is the one that drinks coffee in the morning and does not eat breakfast anymore. If I drink I like it with the creamer. 🙂

  6. Amy says:

    I have to have my coffee too! Stong, and no cream, no sugar!

  7. Rcel says:

    I am NO coffee drinker at all. Sa college ko, I tried experimenting on drinking coffee aron di kunohay ko makatulog while mag-study. Di man epektib oi, katulog man japon ang show. One time, I really needed to stay up kay atiman sa thesis, I drank a cup of coffee nga 4 ka kutsara ang kape, without sugar, natagam ko kay whole morning jud ko wa katulog tapos mura ko zombie the entire day. Hahaha. Coffee is not for me momi Jess, ever since. Milo ra jud akong show.

    BPC hop!

  8. We use creme brulee sis.

  9. Mrs.D says:

    I like using this brand too mamijess…I don’t drink coffee everyday but once in awhile…ehehhee!

  10. Pretty Kat says:

    I love coffee momi Jess..2 cups jud ko sa morning. Sometimes kay himoon nako sabaw ang coffee without cream if fried fish ako ulam hahaha.

  11. Winnie says:

    Actually my husband and I don’t like coffee. He likes hot chocolate and I prefer tea with milk – vanilla milk

  12. Padaan, makikikape hehehe.. Followed your networked blog here too sis.

  13. Dhemz says:

    late visit here mamijess from RT…sensy tawon!

  14. Liz says:

    I like mine with cream and sugar.


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