How to keep your all terrain vehicle works properly

My son’s all terrain vehicle or ATV is acting strangely. He rides it perfectly with his sister or friends. Every time he wash is ATV after the ride, the machine will not work. It drives my husband crazy and my son the most. It took forever for them to figure it out what is wrong with his machine. It has been going in and out from the service.

Finally after two months, my son’s ATV worked. He finally can ride his ATV for a long time. He has the Polaris. I do not know if my husband will buy him this brand again. My husband also has a Polaris ATV as well. I wonder if kawasaki parts is better than Polaris. My husband is about to give up with my son’s Polaris but am glad that the machine is working great now. Nothing beats the happiness on my son’s face when he is riding his ATV.

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