I tried a fillet of fish at Mc Donald’s

It was not my plan to eat a fillet of fish that day. The husband asks me if I want to go with him to drop our vacuum for a repair and return the drill set that he bought at Home Depot. I was really hungry already and wants to eat rice and egg for my breakfast but need to go with him.

We dropped our vacuum at the vacuum repair shop. We also returned the drill set at Home Depot and bought a new blinds for his room. We also went to Wal-Mart to buy our son a Lego toy that he wanted. He was crying when the Daddy only gave her sister a Valentine’s gift. He was jealous and to make him feel better that is why we bought Lego for him which he love.

We stopped by at the McDonald’s drive-in to buy some burgers.

PhotobucketI see a sign about a fillet of fish, and it is perfect as it is only available on Friday. I never tried the fillet of fish in McDonald’s since I came here in America. My husband ordered four pieces of fillet of fish sandwiches. He also order a ten pieces chicken nuggets and we have a buy one get one coupon. He also order coffee and water for me.

I never thought that I will love this fillet of fish. I love the tartar sauce inside the bun. The bun is so smooth and that cheese makes it more delicious to eat. It is only a $1 for a fillet of fish. I eat one fillet of fish sandwich and it makes me full.

What about you? Have you tried fillet of fish in McDonald’s? Do you like to eat fish? You should try it too and see what you are missing.

I will link this entry to 45th day of 365 blog photo challenge.

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