My instant blueberry muffin

I love to eat muffin especially with my coffee in the morning. The coffee and the muffins are a team. I ran out of muffin that morning. I am glad that I found a package of instant blueberry muffin. This needs only ½ cup of water and mix with the baking mix. Set the oven at 375. Bake the muffins for 16-21 minutes.

my instant blueberry muffin
It makes seven (7) blueberry muffins. It did not last a day and the blueberry muffin is gone. My kids like to eat muffin as well. They like to have the muffins for snacks.

where can I buy this Charlie Hunnam coffee
(photo not mine)

Do you what make my blueberry muffin special? This Charlie Hunnam picture floating in my coffee. He is sizzling hot. I do not if I can dare to drink with my coffee. Do you know where to have a coffee like that? Hmmm, my morning will be extra special.

How about you? Do you drink coffee? Do you drink tea?

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