Last breakfast with their niece

This was the last breakfast together with their niece before heading back to Florida. M is such a good girl. She eats whatever you serve on the table except pork. I cannot believe that she eats rice, noodles and eggs with her Uncle and Aunt. She is a very sweet girl. She is not picky. She even cleans her plate before leaving the table. I am glad that M eats whatever I serve her with my kids. My kids are used to what they eat but surprisingly M has no problem eating foods that she is not used to eat. My husband’s eldest daughter did an amazing job training her. She also has table manners.

last breakfast with their niece

This is the picture of their last breakfast together. I always feed my kids and the three of them eat at the same time. My kids wait whoever is still sleeping before eating breakfast. They look so cute together enjoying their last breakfast. I am glad that my kids spent fun times with their big sister and niece. I am not sure when they will see each other again. I hope that it won’t be long.

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9 Responses to Last breakfast with their niece

  1. A good bonding for children when it comes to relatives. Hope they’ll have more time to interact.

  2. Joy says:

    it’s indeed good that they enjoy each other’s company 🙂 they are also enjoying their breakfast hihi

  3. Nova S says:

    that’s really wonderful to look at, it seems like they are just in the same age. and i’m sure they will miss her.

  4. betchai says:

    that’s cool Jess, that they got some fun bonding time, and their niece is not picky on foods and eat the same thing as what her aunt and uncle eats, even if she’s not used to.

  5. juliana says:

    I wonder how it feels to have a niece at their age. It must be fun. They are within the same age bracket so they will forever remember their bonding moments growing up.

  6. Denmark says:

    M definitely a responsible human being. Hope she will now change.

  7. jane says:

    very cute photo! hope I can have photos with ashlee and her brother & sister this year when its that time of visiting again! kids looks so adorable!

  8. papaleng says:

    Odd tio have a niece at that age.. LOL But it is good to see family members bond together even for a short period of time.

  9. When they look back at their moments, the picture will give them the feeling of nostalgia for sure!

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