Looks like peanut butter but it is WOWbutter your best alternative to peanut butter

Growing up we eat peanut butter like snacks spread on our sandwich or any bread. I remember if my Mom order peanut butter from a neighbor, it will not take a week and the peanut butter is gone in a heart beat. I never thought that peanut butter here in America is part of a meal especially for lunch. I have been here in America for 11 years now; I still eat peanut butter as snacks. I know it sounds weird but that is the way I brought up.

WOWbutter your best alternative to peanut butter

Now that I have two kids, my kids especially my son eats peanut butter for lunch. I still find it silly that he is eating peanut butter for lunch instead of snacks. He even has peanut butter but sometimes with jelly at his school as well. We stop eating peanut butter when we found out that our little girl has a severe peanut allergy. It has been awhile since we have a peanut butter jar in our fridge. I do no remember when the last time we have peanut butter was. We have to keep our little girl safety. Unfortunately it is fatal for her to eat any kind that has peanut.

WOWbutter your best alternative to peanut butter

Luckily the little girl can now eats WOWbutter. It looks like peanut butter but it is made of 100% soy but not peanut. I was hesitant at first to give my little girl a sandwich. I keep on checking her face if she will have any reactions. Usually she will hives on her face. I even set a timer for 60 minutes to monitor her. She was doing great. The WOWbutter passed her taste and she is safe from any hives.

WOWbutter your best alternative to peanut butter

The WOWbutter tastes so delicious. It is creamy and so yummy. I even made a sandwich for myself as well. It contains of soy and made with non-gm ingredients. This is perfect for any health enthusiastic as well. This is safe to bring to school. Every jar has lunch stickers to show that is safe for a peanut allergy kids to eat. I will bring one jar to my little girl’s classroom.

WOWbutter your best alternative to peanut butter

We give WOWbutter a thumbs-up and passed the taste especially for kids like my little girl who has severe peanut allergy. Do you know what is awesome about WOWbutter, not only it taste creamy delicious but they are generous as well. They are giving six jars (yes! You read it right!) to one of my lucky US and Canadian readers. All you do is check out the rafflecopter below. The mechanics are so easy. You can also earn more points if you click more options.

WOWbutter your best alternative to peanut butter

My family wants to say thank you to WOWbutter and for this wonderful opportunity to try their products.

WOWbutter your best alternative to peanut butter
By the way, you can check their updates on Facebook for more healthy tips or promotions.
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I received products for sample purposes. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine and me different from others.

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36 Responses to Looks like peanut butter but it is WOWbutter your best alternative to peanut butter

  1. Great alternative I would like to try their products. It looks yummy and mouth watering yumyum.

  2. Lulu says:

    wow this is cool! I am happy that K can now eat this wow butter without fear of her allergies. Yay for K!

  3. Lulu says:

    I am glad that we don’t have peanut allergy in our home but despite that, I will gladly try WowButter.

  4. Tess says:

    I love peanut butter and jelly sandwich and i always take it for lunch at work. I do not know of any allergy to peanut butter in my family but this is a lot healthier than peanut butter so i am excited to try it!

  5. Roch says:

    We don’t have allergies to butter so we would like to definitely try it very soon. I joined the giveaway! Hope to win. 🙂

  6. Ces says:

    we love peanut butter and jelly sandwich and would like to try this peanut butter, looks so yummy!

  7. Franc Ramon says:

    I love peanut butter on sandwhich and also on chocolates. I want to try the wowbutter variety.

  8. che says:

    I love peanut-butter. I am really in constant search for one that satisfies my taste here in Germany. Seeing WOWButter I wonder if that is available here… I would love to try that.

  9. jes says:

    we dont have allergies of any kind!! Thank goodness!! I wanna try this!! My kids love PEANUT BUTTER!!!
    HOPE TO WIN!!!

  10. Nikkic says:

    Would love to try this! My kids love pb!

  11. Joy says:

    peanuts are one of the top causes of food allergy, glad that our family has no peanuts or other nuts allergy so we can indulge, this peanut butter looks yummy )

  12. Marie says:

    My kid loves peanut butter hoping I would win.

  13. Tingting R. says:

    Luckily, nobody has peanut allergy. Will definitely try this…

  14. Rosey says:

    I’d like to try it. We don’t have allergies, but a little girl in my son’s class does and I know her mom would love to hear about this too.

  15. Marie Michel says:

    I love peanut butter, even almond butter but I got to try biscoff and fell in love with it, I wonder if wowbutter tastes like it…looks so caramellllyyyyyummy!

  16. Oh that is a great alternative for my son who is allergic to peanut.

  17. My oldest daughter LOVES peanut butter. I wonder if she would like this. I’ll have to pick up a jar and find out!

  18. SheyhZ says:

    peanut butter are my dragons fave. they don’t have any allergy however, im curious of this wow butter. entered me in the giveaway mami jess.

  19. jheylo says:

    None in my family has peanut butter allergy. I want to try this and send some to my fam in PI.

  20. Working MAMA says:

    love to try this WOWbutter.. i’m a peanut butter by the way ^.^

  21. Having allergy to peanuts can be very limiting. It is good you found a safe substitute for your daughter’s consumption and your family as well.

  22. Janine says:

    I love peanut butter too that even if I have coughs, I still consider eating this as a snack. i wish there’s wowbutter here in the Philippines.

  23. workingmama says:

    look delish, i want to try this wowbutter,if the giveaway is open worldwide, wil surely enter

  24. Grace Hodgin says:

    I do love they have this on the market now as it does protect kids that have allergies from peanuts and is such a safer alternative when taking it to school around others that may have the same allergies.

  25. Donna says:

    I LOVE peanut butter and always feel so badly for kids with peanut allergies, so this is great that they have an alternative!

  26. Jenn says:

    What a great alternative! Looks yummy and creamy just like traditional peanut butter.

  27. sounds good, great alternative! My kids eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches almost daily for lunch. It would be nice to try something new!

  28. Jen says:

    Here in Ontario, Canada the schools are peanut free. Even though my kids love peanut butter and have no allergy wowbutter makes a great substitute for my daughter’s lunch. She can’t tell the difference between the two 🙂

  29. Tammy says:

    We will try WOwbutter. We have friends with allergies so I will share.

  30. cindy b says:

    I love all butters. Never heard of this one but will def be checking it out! Thanks for sharing!!

  31. Dhemz says:

    I would love to try this! I’ve never had this brand before…none of my family members are allergic to PB…so we’re good…lol!

  32. Rcel says:

    I am so drooling right now, Momi Jess! I am a peanut butter junkie and I am glad none in my family is allergic of it. But I am also happy for your lady K over there as she was given this option for a butter. Gosh, that sandwich right there looks so yummy right now!

    Joining the giveaway here! Will you make me lucky enough? LOL.

  33. I am one of those who love peanut butter for bread fillings. As what I also experienced, a large plastic bottle of peanut butter was readily consumed by my 4 grandchildren just a matter of an hour.

    It’s good to know that WowButter could be a very good option for peanut butter. However, for me, there’s no substitute for peanut butter. Gil Camporazo

  34. ralph says:

    wow, it really looks like peanut butter… that’s nice, now your daughter can enjoy the spread without the ingredient she was allergic of. Yahweh bless.

  35. Nova S says:

    I love the texture and knowing the fact that it healthier is a good spread for bread.

  36. Liz says:

    None. I’ll definitely try it.

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