Milk and peanut are ready for her food challenge

Tomorrow my little girl will have her food challenge at her allergists. Most kids can drink and eat these foods. My little girl is different. She has to pass the food challenge before she is safe to eat and drink this food. She has the milk and peanut allergy as some of her lists allergy.


The allergists want us to bring the milk and peanut for her during her appointment. She will eat the peanut. She will also drink the milk. This food challenge will take a couple of hours. We are advice to bring toys or anything that will keep her from being bored.

I know that she is still allergic to milk and peanut. The allergists want to make sure that or she is not allergic to this food and drink. I am linking this entry to Food Trip Friday and 366 of Blog Photo Challenge.

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16 Responses to Milk and peanut are ready for her food challenge

  1. Travel Quest says:

    hi sis, i hope your daughter will pass her food challenge. That food taste good 🙂

  2. Kim,USA says:

    I do not have an allergy with peanut but pimples would immediately appear on my face when I eat peanut. ^_^ The milk is what I so love! ^_^


  3. poray says:

    naa diay severe allergies imo bb girl mami? i have another friend whose son has the same allergies..the kid is homeschooled for safety reasons..

  4. Lulu says:

    kalooy ba ni k intawon can’t eat anything with peanuts and milk.

  5. Marie says:

    My kids also have allergies (so do I) mostly on stonefruits…my youngest has allergy with eggwhites and cow’s mil so he grew up on soya milk…hope your daughter won’t take it hard…it’s not easy to be on a diet because of allergies…

  6. jheylo says:

    unsa nman ang result mami jess? did she pass?

  7. joy says:

    that’s sad mommy, my son doesn’t have allergies however, my daughter have an eggs allergy. i can feel you mommy…

  8. zoan says:

    Ohhh i hope she passes the food challenge. Peanuts and milk are so yummy and tasty and she might love that kind of food. If she wont pass it will be hard for her;(

  9. Ron says:

    i’m sure she’ll surpass this challenge…

    get well soon little dear.. 🙂

  10. Genny says:

    Our pastor’s daughter is allergic of peanuts, hubby’s nephew’s daughter is also allergic of nuts…If I eat too much protein I scratch…

  11. Les says:

    I hope she passes the food allergy test.It must have been difficult to be allergic to milk especially for a child.

  12. Tess says:

    Hope she ‘ll get the pass the allergy challenge tomorrow.

  13. i’m not a peanut lady but i love them in my sandwich.

  14. emzkie says:

    wow! kalami pud anang iyang pagkaon mommy jess. luoy pud nga naay allergies oi. pasalamat ko sa akong mga anak kay so far wala pa silay mga allergies. i hope mawala na ang allergies ni Kelsey mommy.

    from BPC 238

  15. peachkins says:

    How was the challenge?

  16. Tetcha says:

    I hope the test shows that she is no longer allergic to milk and peanuts. Kids love milk pa naman.

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