My Chobani yogurt product review

My family likes to eat yogurt especially my husband. He has a very sensitive stomach or digestive system. I am very privilege that Chobani yogurt sent me a case of their healthy and delicious yogurt to try. It came in the package and wrapped beautifully to keep the yogurt fresh when it delivers in my hands.

It was a heavy box. I waited for the kids to get home from school. They always want to see and open what is inside the package. It was a case of yogurt. I know that they want to it right away. I told them to put them in the refrigerator for few hours and will eat it.


My husband wants the yogurt. He eats it everyday as part of his lunch. I Ask him how the yogurt tastes like is. He said it is very delicious. I know that I want to try the yogurt. It is a great snack to enjoy. I just finish a cup of yogurt. I ate the mango flavor. I love mango and I know that I will love this yogurt too. I stir the jar and am not sure if I would love the taste. I honestly like the taste. I have to try one jar before the husband will eat it all up.


What I like about this yogurt is? It has low-fat. It is perfect to lose some weight. It is not only perfect for snacks but part of a meal. It comes with fruits that you like. I am glad that there is mango include in the varieties of yogurt. I know that this is not the end of eating this yogurt. It will include in my grocery list. I am happy that I see it in the dairy section of our local store.


What about you? Do you like to eat yogurt? What is your favorite brand of yogurt? You should try this yogurt and see for yourself how delicious the taste of this yogurt. You can also check their updates in Facebook. You can also follow them in Twitter or see their healthy and delicious videos in YouTube. I already liked, followed and subscribed.


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11 Responses to My Chobani yogurt product review

  1. jheylo says:

    yehey! there you go 😀 you finally got your chobani mami jess 🙂 i bet your family will love this. unfortunately, mine will just ignore this kind of product. mga inorante akong sakop sa yogurt

  2. Chie says:

    Oh wow, another box of free goodies to enjoy by the whole family. Here in the Philippines, it is the Selecta fruit selection yogurt that I like best.

  3. Herbert says:

    Looks tempting but I wonder how its packaging looks like 🙂 Can you include it? 😀

  4. Shydub says:

    My Justine love yogurt, but she gets tired of it if there’s a lot. she tends to get excited eating yogurt if she hadn’t eaten any yogurt for a while. These are a lot of delicious yogurt, enjoy while it last mommy jess.

  5. Shela says:

    lol, ako murag kilat lng momi kay mauy ipamahaw ug snacks sa housemates

  6. Peachy says:

    Oh my gosh! I am addicted to yogurt and have it everyday for breakfast! Lucky you for receiving a lot of it.

  7. Oh wow!!!It looks so yummy. I wanna have one chobani yogurt…to taste how delicious chobani yogurt is…thanks for sharing …

  8. Yogurt is also part of my list.I want yogurt because it is delicious and at the same time it’s healthy too.I want my yogurt with the nata de coco.

  9. Bless says:

    I heard good things about this yogurt. I may have to check this out and try Mommy 🙂

  10. I’m not a fan of yoghurt, I don’t like its taste. If only we have this brand here in the Philippines, this may be the first yoghurt that I’ll love.

  11. Nancy says:

    I’m honestly not big on yogurt as well. I prefer cereals over yogurt but I’ve heard so much about Chobani lately – must be worth trying.

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