My little girl’s lunch


I make her lunch to bring with her to school. She used to eat the foods in the cafeteria. She has the dairy allergy and most of the foods have it. The nurse calls me periodically about the food she eats. It is very frustrating. I understand that the school is concern about her health.   She loves bologna. I ask her if she wants other lunch meat like ham or turkey.  She only eats bologna. Sometimes she has the jelly. She cannot have the peanut butter as she is allergy too. This is what on her lunch box that day. She has a bologna, juice, fruit bowls and crackers. What do your kids have for lunch? Do they bring their own lunch too? I am linking this entry to Yummy Sunday.

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13 Responses to My little girl’s lunch

  1. Deli says:

    I understand about allergies. I grow up with that problem. Dili ko makakaon tanan food ;( But now, I’m much better na. I think God healed me 🙂 Thanks for the visit 🙂

  2. kalami arun… hehe… my kids don’t like sandwich.. they buy bitcho-bitcho instead.. hahah.. mga bisaya

  3. that’s a yummy lunch! I wish my lunch was like that when I was still in school, I always liked sandwiches pero unsaun mn na kan-on mn gyd ‘dapat’ ang atong baon sa Pinas..hehehe!

  4. Jane says:

    I used to take a packed lunch to school, it was always a sandwich, a drink, fruit and a yoghurt. Food allergies seem to be quite common these days, I think its nice that the staff are concerned about her-at least they are “on the ball” unlike the teachers we have to day in the schools here, who don’t appear to give a damn. Thanks for visting my blog:)

  5. What a healthy school lunch!!!

    Thanks for visiting my Yummy Sunday entry.

  6. I always have rice on her lunch. And no money just snacks. and rice and viand hehehe visiting from YS

  7. amiable amy says:

    Mommy Jessica ang atong kids diri sa US kay lahi ra jud kinaon kaysa Pinas hehehe. Mabuhi na sila sa chips…atong mga bata, rice jud ug sud-an hahaha…

    salamat diay bisita ug sa comment ha… mwahhh

  8. Pretty Kat says:

    kalooy pod tawon kay naa man diay allergy imo baby. Hope mawala na na inig kadako nya. Anyway, ang baon sa ako anak kay rice ug sud-an jud..nya ang pang snacks kay biscuits or mupalit sya sa canteen hehe. Thanks sa YS visit mommy.

  9. Cookie says:

    i guess mas better ikaw nlng jd mg prepare for her lunch mommy para safe. baon sa akong anak kay snacks lang coz half day ra ilang class. next year, she will have a whole day class and I guess I’ll still be the one who will prepare food for her ky pihikan ra ba 😀
    was here for YS. thanks for the visit!

  10. It’s good that you’re the one preparing for your child’s lunch. At least you are sure of what she’s eating. 🙂

    The cracker looks yum!

  11. Gagay says:

    gutomon man ta ani mommy sa lunch sa imung baby girl oie..hehehe..way rice nganha?KUKK

  12. KM says:

    allergies can get really frustrating! buti na lang sipag ni mommy jess, mag prepare ng lunch bag 🙂

    here for YS.

  13. cheerful says:

    sad to hear about the allergy. and that packed lunch looks like a good meal: complete, healthy and yummy rolled into one! my son’s getting his food from school, its a complete meal, everyweek they emailed us the menu for the week, veggies and fruits is always on it and its in diferent varieties, they have western, japanese, thai, indian food (etc.) sometimes, since kids comes from different countries. they get ice cream every Friday. lastly, they don’t served peanut in any of their foods. visiting late from YS, hope to see you around. thanks always and have a great weekend. 🙂

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