One of my friend brings this macaroni salad

We had a Memorial Day weekend party lasts Sunday in our house. Some of my Filipino friends came over. Some miss the party because they had the earlier gatherings to attend to. Some were busy. I do understand. I hope to see my friends all together again.


Miss L brought this macaroni salad with her. I do not know how she makes it but it is very delicious. It is more delicious after a day of the party. The longer you put it in refrigerator, the more it tastes delicious. I will ask her about the recipe of this macaroni salad. Do you like to eat salad? What is your favorite salad? I am linking this entry to Food Trip Friday.

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4 Responses to One of my friend brings this macaroni salad

  1. I love macaroni salad. I like it with chops of apple, pineapple and cheese ~ does that sound weird? but it’s delish I swear! Thanks for dropping by my site Jessy.
    See you around.
    Happy FTF!

  2. lanie says:

    wow, i love this food… i love macaroni salad and buko salad :-), dropping by food friday, hope you could visit me too! bananacue

  3. Luna Miranda says:

    i love salads especially with greens and seafood or meat. i also like chicken macaroni salad, but not the sweet kind–i love mine with mayo, pickle relish, lots of onions, etc.

  4. this reminds me of christmas 😀

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