Our first meal in the trailer camp

It was the 18th of last month when my family went camping. We left around ten in the morning after the kids had breakfast. We already prepared all the stuff we need when go camping that night. Everything is ready except the food. It was a two hours drive from we live. I followed my husband.

our first meal in the trailer camp

our first meal in the trailer camp

It was lunch time when we arrived at the trailer camp that my in-laws own. It is in the Southern Tier in the town of Cuba. After we put all the stuff in the trailer camp, we then have lunch. I took this photo by setting the camera for ten seconds. it was our first meal in the trailer camp. I made potato salad before that night to bring with us to the trailer camp. We just had sandwiches and chips for lunch to go with the potato salad. It was simple meal but we enjoyed as a family.

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