Our foods at the Chuck E Cheese


I have a coupon that includes the tokens and our foods. I ordered half cheese and no cheese pizza.
I also have coupons for the chicken wings and salad. I ordered no cheese pizza so my little girl can eat too. I picked barbeque wings so she can eat too.
She likes to munch the celery but without the dressing. I am glad that I ordered the salad because it is eat all you can. I can get more salads for her. You can pick anything you like with your salad.
I have to make sure that they eat first before playing. Raising a little girl who has a food allergy is fun but tricky. I am linking this entry to Food Trip Friday.


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4 Responses to Our foods at the Chuck E Cheese

  1. Bless says:

    Kids love Chuck E Cheese jud 🙂 Looks like the kiddos enjoyed their pizza 🙂

    Mine is up for FTF too Mommy Jes!

  2. I always heard about chuck e cheese, hmm wish my husband would take us there when we get there lol when? I dont know hahaha visiting from FTF.

  3. Rovie says:

    Wow, kalami… Drooling for that Pizza and fresh fruits…hehehe

    Here today sis… Hope you can visit back…


  4. I’m sure your kids had a blast!!!

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