How to serve the holidays enjoyable with Groupon

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One of my sister-in-law invited our family for Thanksgiving dinner in their house. My in-laws from my husband side will be there celebrating Thanksgiving on their home. We went there last year. Unfortunately, this year we decline their invitation. My husband is working. I feel uncomfortable without him by my side. I sent her a message that we are not coming but am still thankful for her invitation. I wish them fun during the Thanksgiving gathering.

 photo kitchen_zpsq1eaodnq.jpg

Since we are not attending any parties, I have to cook our Thanksgiving meals. I have to do it a day early as the husband is working overtime that day. I know that I am not a good cook but I can cook food. I know my family survived my cooking. I know that my husband will help me prepare to cook as long as he does not mind my mess. As a clean freak, he wants our kitchen mess free all time. Sorry sweetheart your wish is not my command.

 photo kitchen knives_zpsbenksqhq.jpg

Cooking Thanksgiving or any holiday is am sure a lot easier if you have sharp knives like this  from the Groupon Goods. I know I needed a new set for the kitchen. Cooking with dull knives is so frustrating especially if you have the hungry mouth to feed. Aside from the kitchen knives, I also need more stuff for the kitchen. This site is a God sent and the savings is beyond unbelievable amazing. If you are in Facebook or Twitter, you can check those sites as well. They also post new products that will help you saves money especially during the holidays.


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Three items every chef needs to wear

If you have ever seen a chef working to produce great food you have probably noticed that all chefs tend to wear a similar type of clothing. They generally wear a chef’s jacket, trousers and hat. Although these items of clothing may differ in design, and colouring, depending on the chef who is wearing them, there are similarities, and traditions which are often followed.

We are going to talk about the three main items of a chef’s wardrobe, the jacket, the hat and the trousers. We will take a look at the traditions surrounding a chef’s uniform and why they wear certain items.

 photo food_zps7qxdxhmq.jpg

A chef’s hat

You have probably seen chefs wearing tall white hats as they are working; these hats are called toques. Originally, chefs wore grey hats that were designed along the same principal as the hats worn by priests from the Orthodox Church. The white toque was introduced by Chef Marie-Antoine Carême in the 19th Century. He came up with the design of a white hat, the height of which reflects the seniority of the chef who is wearing it. If you ever see a chef wearing a toque, the taller the hat the more senior the chef is.

A chef’s jacket or apron

If you visit the kitchen of a restaurant or café you will often see chefs wearing a white apron or a white jacket. The white colour is chosen for reasons of practicality. It’s a lot easier to see when a jacket needs cleaning if it’s white. It’s also easy to bleach a white jacket back to looking pristine. It’s worth noting that the jackets worn by chefs are reversible. This means that any stains can be hidden on the inside until the jacket is washed.

Chefs’ jackets are also made of double thickness material. This offers the chef protection against any hot liquids they may be using.

A chef’s trousers

In the past chefs’ trousers were often decorated with black and white checks; this was the traditional form of design. If you watch a chef at work today you are just as likely to see them dressed in self-coloured trousers. There is less emphasis on what colour the trousers should be.

One thing that has not changed, when it comes to the design of chefs’ trousers; they are still designed to have plenty of room in them. This means that air can still circulate even in a hot kitchen.

The clothing a chef wears has its origins in tradition. Of all the items, the chef’s jacket is the one which has a design most influenced by practicality. The uniform has become more relaxed over the years, especially in the range of different trousers that are worn. Although not all chefs wear a toque these hats are still very much in existence, and they still help to denote how senior a chef is.

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How much does it cost to filter water in your home?

You may have heard that the water which comes out of the taps in your home is not especially healthy to drink. You may know that filtering the water is a good idea, for this reason. You may also be wary about how much filtering the water in your home is likely to cost. The good news is that having an item such as an item such as a water cooler filter  in your home does not have to be hugely expensive.

 photo water filter_zpsd9ugdo9e.jpg

We are going to take a look at why it’s a good idea to filter the tap water in your home. We are also going to give you an idea of some of the average costs involved in home water filtering.

Why you should filter the water in your home?

Have you ever poured yourself a glass of water from the taps in your home and realised that you really did not want to drink it? It could be that the water looked cloudy, that it did not smell as you would expect it to or that it tasted odd. All of these problems can be caused by substances such as dirt and chemicals which can be absorbed into the water as it travels in pipes to your home.

You want to be able to drink water which smells, looks and tastes fresh and clear. This is why it’s a good idea to purchase a water filtration system for your home.

How much does it cost to filter water in your home?

Water filtration costs in the home can vary greatly, depending on which filtration system you opt for. You can generally purchase a counter top or under sink unit for around AU$400-500, although there are cheaper and far more expensive models on the market. If you want to invest in a filtration system for the whole house the amount you will end up paying depends on the size of the property and what type of system you opt for. An average cost for a whole house water filtration system is around AU$1,300 to $3,900.

The prices we have quoted are only a guideline, to give you some idea of what you may be likely to spend. If you want a better idea of what your outlay may be, before you buy, you should contact some reputable providers and ask them to provide a quote for you.

Obviously, you have to be sensible about the amount you are able to spend on water filtering in your home. The great thing is that you do not need to have a whole house filtration system fitted if you do not want to. It’s probably sufficient to have a filtration system present in the kitchen of your home. This should mean that you can obtain the healthy drinking water supply that you want, for all the members of your household to enjoy.

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Are you looking to buy a clarinet for your kids

My husband’s niece plays the clarinet when she was young. Though I have never watch her play. I wish that my Summer Babe plays clarinet because if she does definitely this bundy clarinet is perfect for her. It is small and easy to carry than her baritone who is almost as heavy as she is. I bet she tried the clarinet but her music teacher thinks that baritone is the perfect music instrument for her to learn at the band.

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Are you looking for an affordable keyboards

Recently, my daughter always eat in the family room when America’s Got Talent is on. The good thing is it over now. She finally can eat in the kitchen counter with us.  Last summer, we went camping and we saw this piano in the church. I am wondering if it is the same as the Kurzweil Keyboards. My Summer Babe really likes the piano.

Does your daughter has the interest to play the piano? Check out this Website for affordable used keyboards that you can buy.

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How to practice after you take a break from eating

After eating I cannot moved. I do not want to sit down either. I rather stand and do something. I am sure that you like to stand after eating as well. If you are a musician or want to be, you need to practice using the korg monotron to help you do better with music and playing instrument. This music accessory is so small and you can bring it with you anywhere even in a small space so you can practice and perform better. Just like perfecting a recipe, sometimes we failed to perfect the recipe just like the music.

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How to know the right music instrument you want to play

Dinner while listening to a sweet music always is a sweet gesture to me especially when you are having a date with the love of your life. I missed having lunch date with my husband. He only loves rock music. I love mellow, sometimes dance and sometimes work out music. The fruity is your best software to buy to found out the perfect musical instrument for you to learn and maybe someday  play in an event where everybody is dining at the same listening to your beautiful performance.

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Why Serafino Double Wall Insulated Glasses from Ozeri is so unique

Now that the warm weather is here in Western New York, my kids spend most of their time outside. It could be playing with the dogs, riding their bikes, run around the pond and just enjoy the warm weather or riding the ATV or golf cart. They also gets thirsty after spending outside. I have to make sure that I have snacks and drinks ready for them. Our neighbor also comes over and play with my kids.


Enjoying their lemonade with Ozeri Serafino Double Wall Insulated Glasses.

Enjoying their lemonade with Ozeri Serafino Double Wall Insulated Glasses.


I am so thankful that Ozeri sent me this Serafino Double Wall Insulated glasses. My kids and their friend enjoy the pink lemonade with their glasses. All of them likes the glasses. They think it looks cool. The design also looks unique. I need to buy more lemonade soon. What I love about the glass is I can also pour my hot coffee. It never breaks and keep my coffee hot just like a regular cup. It amazes me how glass from Ozeri does that. We all liked this glasses. We all recommend it to use any drinks cold or hot you want. The glass is durable. My glasses are still intact.


You can also pour the Serafino Double Wall Insulated Glass with your favorite hot coffee.

You can also pour the Serafino Double Wall Insulated Glass with your favorite hot coffee.


The glasses from Ozeri is exclusively you can buy in Amazon. Ozeri not only sell kitchen but also health, toy and other stuff for the family. Why not check their Facebook as well to learn more about the best products in the market. This is not our first time to use Ozeri products. We have so many in our house now. We still using it until now.


I received the glasses in exchange of my honest review.

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I made the beer battered fish for the first time.

Growing up in the tropical country of the Philippines, I love eating fish. Any recipe that has a fish, definitely I eat it. My family loves to eat fish except my Summer Babe so I made her a different dish that Friday night.

My first time to cook beer battered fish.

My first time to cook beer battered fish.


  • 2 quarts vegetable oil for frying
  • 8 (4 ounce) fillets cod
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons garlic powder
  • 2 tablespoons paprika
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 teaspoons ground black pepper
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 (12 fluid ounce) can or bottle beer


  1. Heat oil in a deep fryer to 365 degrees F (185 degrees C). Rinse fish, pat dry, and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Combine flour, garlic powder, paprika, 2 teaspoons salt, and 2 teaspoons pepper. Stir egg into dry ingredients. Gradually mix in beer until a thin batter is formed. You should be able to see the fish through the batter after it has been dipped.
  3. Dip fish fillets into the batter, then drop one at a time into hot oil. Fry fish, turning once, until both sides are golden brown. Drain on paper towels, and serve warm.

I paired my beer battered fish with rice and corn.

I paired my beer battered fish with rice and corn.

I loved how it turned out though I used the tilapia fillets. It tastes delicious. Next time, I will only add half can of the beer. It makes it so watery. My family has the french fries and corn. Their Daddy also has the salad. I have the same except I have rice instead of french fries.

You can also check the original recipe from There is also a video for you to watch so it easy to follow.

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Ways how to make money during the summer

Maybe you wanted to start your own lemonade stand as a child and never got a chance. Today, anyone at any age can start and operate a successful lemonade or beverage business. Choosing a good location, the right product and marketing are keys to success.

Choosing Your Product

Lemonade is a popular summer drink, but there are many opportunities to sell cold beverages and water during hot weather. If you choose lemonade, you have to decide whether you want to make it yourself or buy a readymade product. Making your own may not be cheaper. With a readymade mix, you may only have to add water. With readymade lemonade, you only need to keep it cold to serve.

Finding a Good Location

There are any number of places to sell lemonade including street fairs, carnivals, flea markets and concerts. Beaches and parks are also favorite locations. You will need to find out if you have to pay for a space or if you can just set up and sell.
Before making a big investment, check with your local chamber of commerce for licenses, food handling permits or other documentation. This will help you to decide where you want to sell your product. Larger venues like sports stadiums may require more paperwork than your local park or church picnic.

 photo beverage cart_zpsujwunsvc.jpg
Build or Buy Your Cart

For a very simple business, you may only need a table, chair and a tub of ice along with your lemonade. However if you want to do this as a regular part time business, you may want to look into something more sophisticated. There are any number of readymade vending carts that can be used to sell beverages. Stick to reputable companies like when making your choice. Not only can you find an attractive beverage cart, they also offer financing. You can choose a cart with a canopy, umbrella, insulated beverage compartment or a custom logo. This will give your business a professional look and attract more customers.

Pricing Your Product

The best advice for pricing is to check out your competition. If you are priced too low, some customers may think you are not selling a high quality product. If your price is much higher, customers may seek out a cheaper price. Set up a budget including materials, equipment, supplies and a range of profits from high to low. With some practice, you should be able to come up with a formula for a successful business.

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