Peach my new favorite ice cream flavor


I am so happy that finally I found my favorite ice cream flavor to eat. It is peach. I just love how it tastes so delicious. I am not a dessert fan but this peach ice cream makes me feel like heaven. Oh I am so sorry, please let me enjoy my being nuts. I used to like Vanilla, now Peach is my new favorite. Do you eat ice cream? What is your favorite flavor? Luckily, our local store has a buy one take one ice cream sale that week. I bought Vanilla and Peach. I am linking this entry to Mellow Yellow Monday.


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14 Responses to Peach my new favorite ice cream flavor

  1. gardener says:

    …and mine is vanilla and strawberry. ting ice cream na jud ron dri sa amo dapit kay ting init na…

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  2. jem alvarado says:

    Same here I love Vanilla ice cream 🙂 . Due to big calories of eating dairy ice cream, I actually choose a Sherbet ice cream..

  3. I love mango flavor sis kaso ala naman dito lol.

    Followed your Google plus here.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever had peach ice cream!

  5. Ayzee says:

    I love Vanilla! But I am open to other flavors, specifically fruit-flavored ice creams. They’re just more refreshing and “walang umay” unlike the usual chocolate. I’ll definitely look out for this ice cream next time I’m doing my grocery 🙂

  6. genny says:

    yum…yum….i will try to look if there is available here in the city.

  7. becca givens says:

    Well, that is a hard one for me … I am not a big fan of cold desserts like ice cream, but occasionally I get a craving for it … depends on the time of year. My favorites are vanilla custard, rum raisin, peppermint, eggnog and blackberry! On the other hand, my husband and my family could eat it every day. Thanks for your MYM visit.

  8. Leovi says:

    I love all the flavors of ice cream.

  9. Meeha says:

    After 20 years of eating only chocolate ice-cream, I finally have a crush on Rum & Raisins. But I could try the peach any time:) Thank you for visiting my turquoise living room 🙂

  10. KM says:

    Hindi ba maasim, Mommy Jess? 😉 Rocky Road pa din all-time fave ice cream flavor ko ^^

    Here for MYM 🙂

  11. Adin B says:

    I am a fan of peaches as well and I do love Breyer’s Peach Ice Cream. Somehow it is just the right sweetness and delightfulness for me. hehehe.. Yummy! 🙂

  12. Mine is vanilla with home-made sour cherry preserve drizzled on top of it.

  13. Myrna says:

    Great Pic! I love ice cream!

  14. melandria says:

    looks really yummy, i so love ice cream specially this summer season.

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