Pork tenderloin for dinner

I love to eat pork. How I wish that it is not expensive. I buy pork especially this pork tenderloin when it is on sale. There are many flavors of pork tenderloin but I like this flavor the most. It is easy to cook. You just turn on the over for 420 and cook it for 50 minutes. It tastes so delicious and tender too.

pork tenderloin so tender ad taste so delicious

pork tenderloin so tender ad taste so delicious

I usually have mashed potato, gravy, salad and any steam vegetables for my family. I will have rice for myself. The only problem is, the little K will not eat this kind of meat. She does not like it. I will not cook anything for her. She has to eat what I serve on the table like everybody else. She can pick whatever she wants to eat when she has work and make money. This is the only way she can choose whatever she wants to eat.

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