A roast pig at the Filipino summer picnic

It was 5 days ago when my kids and I attended the Filipino summer picnic. It was held at Cheektowaga Park. It was our first time to visit that park. We were almost an hour late when we arrived at the park.

roast pig at the Filipino Summer picnic

There were people already. I knew few of them. I put the “pork adobo” that I shared for the picnic. There are many foods ready on the table. There is a pig roast too. It was not cut yet. I took a picture of it before somebody will slice the roast pig.

I had some of the roast pig. It was delicious. I also prepared my kids food to eat before they play at the park. I used to love eating the roast pig back in my home town. I am glad that I tried the roast pig. I also shared it to my kids.

How about you? Do you like to eat roast pig? What is your favorite part of the roast pig? I love the meat and the skin.

I am linking this entry to the 14th day of August blog photo challenge.

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2 Responses to A roast pig at the Filipino summer picnic

  1. Rcel says:

    Mura mag nakuyapan ang lechon Momi Jess kay luspad man. Kuk. Sounds like it was a fun party kay Pinoy man ang nagtapok. I don’t eat pork so wa jud koy masulti except other than it is not good for high blood. Hehe!

    BPC hop!

  2. Bless says:

    I miss lechon and then paksiw too 🙂

    BPC hop.

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