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How to record like a professional musician

There are times that when we are eating dinner, we are watching TV as well. I love watching music. One of my favorite musical show is the American Idol. It is reality show for future musicians to shine like a … Continue reading

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Where to buy the perfect guitar pedal

I love it when hubby and I have our lunch date. It seldom happen but I love spending time just the two of us dining without our kids.It is so intimate. It is also perfect to catch up with our … Continue reading

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The best way for your kids to learn how to play guitar

My kids love music. They take it from me. The husband does not like music. It gives him headache. My son has a guitar. It plays really cool music. The little girl also plays the guitar as well. They do … Continue reading

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Listening to beautiful music while dining

I love listening to music whatever I do. It does not matter if I eat or doing something. I love to play some music while eating with my family or friends. Growing up, we have a karaoke system back in … Continue reading

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Jamming at the food festival

We missed going to the food festival in the city this year. It s called the Taste of Buffalo. It is an annual event where all the restaurants in the city open their doors and services for all the people … Continue reading

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Perfect chairs for the choir at church

My kids and I go to church mostly Sunday. I have to make sure that we do not miss church during Sunday.¬†God only wants a day for him for seven days. I am sure that we can leave our things … Continue reading

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Dining in a music lounge

I miss those moments when you are dining with your boyfriend in a music lounge. My husband used and I used to this when we first met 12 years ago today. I miss those romantic moments. I really do and … Continue reading

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