Take out dinner from KFC

I do not like to cook meals for the weekend. I think I need a break, right? It is either we order chicken wings and pizza or Chinese. We had the chicken wings, pizza and sub last Friday night and ate it until the next day. Sunday night I drove to KFC to order something for dinner. It was raining that night. Honestly, I am very scared to drive when it is raining. Driving at night is a struggle for me to drive. I have no choice since I did not cook dinner that night.

KFC take out dinner

I checked their Website online for coupons. I found a free kids meal which cost $3.99. It comes with a piece of chicken, a side dish and a drink. You can avail the freebie if you order an eight (8) piece chicken or larger. I order the eight (8) piece original recipe. It comes with free two (2) big side dishes of your choice. I picked mashed potato with gravy and macaroni cheese. Aside from the eight (8) pieces of chicken, it also comes with four (4) biscuits. It cost $24 plus tax.

The eight (8) piece meal is just perfect for my family. It is a big meal for me to eat. The mashed potato with grave is so delicious. I am full with that already. I did not finish eating the chicken. I ate mostly what is on my plate. Everybody has a full stomach that night.

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