Thank you Ecommflash for these eco-friendly and beautiful kitchen utensils

Do you have a favorite pan? Are you afraid of scratching it with regular kitchen utensils? There are times that when my hubby is cooking, he uses the spoon or fork to stir. I get mad because he will scratch the surface of the pan.

 photo ecommflash_zpsda33f014.jpg

I am very much happy that I do need to worry that anymore. I am privilege and very much thankful to Ecommflash for sending me three of their amazing wooden kitchen utensils.

 photo ecommflashwoodenkitchenutensils_zpsb8f03dd0.jpg

I received the

 photo ecommflashwoodenkitchenutensilsC_zps3131cf00.jpg
Oak Spatula Salad Set,

 photo ecommflashwoodenkitchenutensilsA_zps9a11b736.jpg
Alder Cooking & Tasting Spoon Set
 photo ecommflashwoodenkitchenutensilsB_zpse2294b37.jpg

and Ash Spatula Pancake. I love these utensils. They are made with eco-friendly and help us to stay greener especially when cooking. They are nature friendly as well. The wooden kitchen utensils are very easy to clean. All you need is wash it with soapy water or sponge and rinse.

 photo ecommflashwoodenkitchenutensilsD_zps45bf0d32.jpg

My kids are half Asian and American. They love to eat rice especially in the morning. I use one of Alder spoon set. Every morning they like to eat eggs as well. Thank you for six chickens for giving us six organic eggs everyday. It helps my kids to stay healthy at the same time, it saves me from buying eggs at the grocery store. I use the Ash Spatula Pancake and also works with flapping eggs perfectly. I also use the Alder Tasting Spoon Set with the baked beans that my kids love to eat with their burgers. I also use the fork from Oak Spatula Salad Set for stirring my pasta last night. It works perfectly as well.

 photo ecommflashwoodenkitchenutensilsE_zpsae10a819.jpg

These wooden kitchen utensils are really cute. It makes me smile while cooking. I am happy that not only I make my family happy with my cooking at the same time, it keeps my pan safe and chemicals free while using these wooden kitchen utensils.

 photo ecommflashwoodenkitchenutensilsF_zps823864c9.jpg
 photo ecommflashwoodenkitchenutensilsG_zpsf365be66.jpg

How about you? What kind of your kitchen utensils do you use while cooking? Are you looking to change your kitchen utensils to a more eco–friendly and nature safe products? Why not check these amazing kitchen utensils at Amazon? You can also learn more beautiful and chemicals free wooden kitchen utensils products in their Facebook, Twitter and  Google Plus

I received the wooden kitchen utensils for free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different with other people.

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5 Responses to Thank you Ecommflash for these eco-friendly and beautiful kitchen utensils

  1. I love their wooden utensils, I want them all in my kitchen lol.

  2. LOVE that salad set. It’s always nice to use a good wooden utensil while cooking.

  3. papaleng says:

    These wood utensils are just perfect sa kitchen namin.

  4. Riza says:

    I like using wooden utensils rather than stainless steel.

  5. Nova S says:

    It seems that the wooden utensils are working pretty much awesome rather than those plastic kind, i own few and still would prefer for this.

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