The family had lunch at Applebee’s restaurant

The family had lunch at Applebee’s restaurant after the little girl’s allergist’s appointment. We eat at Applebee’s for many times now. I think their meals are affordable. There are many restaurants that we see as the Daddy is driving. We eat instead at Applebee’s for lunch.


There are many customers at Applebee’s restaurant that day. We were glad that we found a table for the family. We order kiddy meals for kids. The brother ordered two meals.

He is growing up and needs to fatten up before he goes back to school.

He orders a two cheese mini burgers and comes with French fries. He also order macaroni cheese. He has the milk as a drink.

The sister order chicken fingers that come with French fries too. She has the apple juice for a drink.

My husband and I order the two for $20 which is very reasonable. It comes with an appetizer that comes with the meal.

We order original chicken Buffalo wings. It is very sour and spicy but delicious. It comes with a celery and blue cheese. We both order the sirloin steak that comes with steam vegetables. My husband has mash potato on the side.

I have rice on the side.

PhotobucketWe just water as our drinks. It was a delicious meal that the family enjoys to eat. We have a left order and ask for a small box.
The kids also have a balloon each for free.

Do you like to eat at Applebee’s too?


What is your favorite food to eat? I am linking this entry to Food Friday. I thank the host for Food Friday for picking my entry last week as this week’s entry. Thank you so much. I do appreciate it.


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4 Responses to The family had lunch at Applebee’s restaurant

  1. Kim,USA says:

    Your daughter is a cutie! ^_^ Applebies is one if my favorite restaurant you can eat with just $20.00 for two and with dessert. Nobody could beat that I guess! ^_^ Happy Monday!


  2. Winnie says:

    I’m not familiar with this place (obviously) but I think family lunch together is always great

  3. Tetcha says:

    That was a hearty family lunch. It seems everyone had a great time at Applebee’s.

  4. Oggi says:

    Your children are adorable!

    I love their sliders.:)

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