Want some pineapple?


Aside from mango, I also love to eat pineapple.


What about you? Do you like to eat pineapple too? I want to dip my pineapples with a salt. I know it sounds weird, right? I like to eat my pineapples with salt. It tastes so delicious. I love this pineapple because it is very sweet. I bought it to share to my friends when they came for a get together in our house. There are many fruits that day that I slice the pineapple on the next day.  What about you? What are you and your families’ favorite fruits to eat? My family likes pineapple especially my kids. I am linking this entry to Mellow Yellow Monday.

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One Response to Want some pineapple?

  1. Benedique says:

    Yes, tita, we love those! pahingi!

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